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  1. Skyline build for response

    Look at the previous post for fuel etc. It now drives very well as a DD, the 3.2 gives it the torque needed to get the heavy R moving and the air starts pumping around 2500, moving pretty good by 4000rpm @ about 320AWKW. The power is very linear and feels great and the right foot keeps it safe. The driveline and tyres keep it planted on the road. I would say it is a very good all rounder As I was getting a flex fuel tune I decided to put a surge tank in
  2. Skyline build for response

    Hi Again I finally had the build completed and then a few problems sorted and I think with reasonable results. As you can see from the Dyno I have changed shops. The 3 results are 1. on 98 pump @ 22psi 2. E85 @ 22psi 3. E85 @ 25.5psi I know it is not a Silvia but it does say other hot imports
  3. Hi Guys I am new to modifying cars did not understand anything, a little better now. BUT only with the help from blokes on forums like this and I think it is good idea to listen to as many ideas as you can, sometimes gets a little confussing Have an R34GTR, worked motor with a T78-33-D on it with all of the mods to rev high, crap to drive as a DD, Dyno, 337.9 awkw and the worst street car I have ever owned, nuts @ 6000rpm and went over 10k,my head feel off on the first run, but launching is not a good look on the street Changed the T78 to a PT6262, stock cams to Pomcams B 260 9.15and a 3.5"custom exhaust. 345.4awkw BUT you can drive it as a DD, even with the OS Quad clutch and is on full boost at 4500rpm, not good enough, want more NOW , I am about to go further in my search for usable Torque for a street ride, so doing a stroker build and it is too late to stop it:) I would be interested to hear what you blokes think this car will go like after the build and compare it once it has the final tune. It will be tuned for response, I am not after high peaky HP and a show off Dyno Graph. Nitto 3.2 Stroker kit Quaife front diff Extra 2 plates in the trannie to send more drive to the front wheels, with the Quaife it should be great,well?? advice welcomed on all mods Haltech flex fuel sensor Nismo Coppermix twin Comp Spec Clutch to replace the quad, hope it will be a little easier on the box. Custom 260 10.8 cams, springs and retainers Some head work HAVE on the car that will stay there Nismo 2-way LSD PT6262 turbo HKS EVC 6 Boost controller Haltech Platinum Pro R34GTR ECU Walbro 460lpm fuel pump, maybe add one more if needed with a surge tank? 9lt sump conversion Koyorad radiator Custom 3.5" exhaust Custom catch tank ATI Balancer and damper NI Water Pump Nitto high volume oil pump All the other bits needed to run this stuff Please let me know what you think as I have tried to take the best advice I thought would be best for th result I am after, a car that you do not have to rev the crap out of to get it moving DYNOS T78@337.9awkw on the car when I bought it,pig. PT6262 @345.4 awkw after I changed the Turbo and cams BUT drive great
  4. Post up A Pic of ur Skyline!

    Name is Pete, Hi First time on this forum ,my ride if it gets through. 1999 R34GTR, 345.4 awkw, now, going stroker soon
  5. Post up A Pic of ur Skyline!

    Clean ride, looks great
  6. Post up A Pic of ur Skyline!

    New to the site. love your car and the colour, goes hard?