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  1. SR20DE build

    been offered to go nitrous and i might do it down the line later on, with some of the cams I looked at it recommends a ecu remap (examples of a few cams in op). Also though about getting sr16ve internals, but pretty sure i need to get them coated with something and it's a bit of mucking around. Anyone know what kind of lift I can get out of stick valves without them kissing the Pistons?
  2. SR20DE build

    Think of building my n/a SR, nothing special just after a bit more power without a massive price tag. Looking at camshafts, preferably drop in. (http://www.rhdjapan.com/jun-high-lift-camshaft-nissan-sr20de-t.html) (https://www.rhdjapan.com/search/?q=Camshaft%20Sr20De) Slightly bigger injectors and a remapped ECU just to start. If there's anything I'm missing please feel free to add. Main problem on having is identifying exactly which car my Sr came out of. All help is greatly appreciated. If there is anyone selling a built n/a SR I'm interested, please comment
  3. 180sx engine conversion

    the easiet way ive seen to do it is to buy an R32 half cut. that way i can get the subframe, radiator, loom, and heaps of other gear all for about 5-10k depending on the location and condition, whereas most rb26 engines by themselves (with gearbox) are about 6k upward. most of the labour i can do myself, there will just be little things i will have to get a profession to do. i dont mind about money too much, ill be pretty set up by then but ill still try and reduce costs as much as possible without cutting corners. as for the handling im going tyo do some work to improve it but not ever mod under the sun. im mostly going to pick and choose the most effective mods and work down the list till im happy. This project is still a few years away but i am 100% going to turbo the car. i just love the look of the rb26, the sound the power capability and the flexibility of it as well as the idea of it being in a light car that will have the greatest power to weight while still handling beautifully. in saying that i already know roughly what im going to do with the engine setup wise.
  4. Within the next few years I'm going to be doing an engine conversion on my 180sx. Currently it's running a silver top sr20 n/a. I'm going to either swap in a turboed sr (blacktop topnotch version) or a rb26det (single turbo conversion) The goal for the car is to be a daily but semi show car. I'm not looking for massive amounts of power but I will be rebuilding the engine, forged internals, cams, etc etc. The at I assume will be easy, out with the old in with the new basically. And the rb will take more work, R32 front front end, ecu, wiring, tail shaft, gearbox, sump, brakes, and a few other things. Has anyone done a rb26 in a 180 in this forum that's can help out with pros vs cons and questions about it? I'd like the car to be clean have a working aircon, reliable, and handle like its on rails. Cheers in advance
  5. yeah, me and my dad were working on it (hes an electrician) and he said that its a dodgey circuit for the start, and that if someone has created a bypass or something for it with relays etc it would be more efficient and wont have any problems with dim issues etc so i was just wondering if anyone has created a relay circuit or something for it
  6. This is the unit in question, it is located under the steering wheel. http://forums.nicoclub.com/how-to-fix-your-headlight-problems-t280461.html
  7. My 180's headlight control panel keeps failing, I keep cleaning it but it's just frustrating (pictures attached). If someone knows if there is somehow a way to replace it with a relay system or something similar that is more efficient and reliable. Any comments about a way to permenantly fix or replace this system is greatly appreciated. cheers.
  8. rough idle sr20de

    i get the same problem occurring with my SR, i haven't diagnosed it fully but after i switched to 98 and ran injector cleaner through it it helped a bit. every time it happens (which isn't very often) i just hold the clutch in and try and sit the revs at just above 1k (while car is stationary) i do this a few times for about 5 seconds each, that seems to fix it. sorry i cant help anymore than this.
  9. i went for a drive out of town on the weekend and i took a GPS with me for the trip, and i found out that my speedo is out. Doing 100kph on the speedo is actually roughly 88-90kph on the GPS, and 100kph on the GPS is shown as 115-118kph on the speedo. whats the best and most accurate way to recalibrate the speedo? all help is appreciated. thanks in advance
  10. I have a 180 and im looking to get it lowered sometime in the future, however its a daily and the roads in my town are complete **** and i dont want to screw the whole underside of my car. what would be better in this case? bags or coilovers? or bags + coilovers in one unit? im also looking for it to be relatively cheap (apprentice wages) Cheers
  11. 180sx wheels and rims

    thanks all, considering keeping 4 stud if i can find some decent rims. if anyone has any recommendation on rims that would suit a 180 that are 4 stud please feel free to share pictures would be greatly appreciated. (5 or 6 spoke rims preferred)
  12. 180sx wheels and rims

    how difficult is a 5 stud conversion? would it be worth getting it done at a shop?
  13. 180sx wheels and rims

    or something like these:
  14. My 1990 180sx has 4 stud system for the wheels, im looking to do a 5 stud conversion and get some decent rims on it. what the best/ easiest way to do a reliable 5 stud conversion and where is a good place to get rims similar to the ones pictured? (or what suggestion do you have for rims on a 180sx?) cheers.
  15. car fluttering

    maybe dirty or worn out coil packs/sparkplugs, worth upgrading while your there.