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  1. Hey guys I want to get the rear pods and areo side skirts plus the front lip for my ADM s15 I have seen the DC2 JDM has a front lip thats fits any other options and i am keen to move asap Can someone point me in the right direction
  2. Newbie S15 questions

    Thanks for the reply. The FMIC is a Blitz item. I have read that you can turn the bottle around to fit. I am going to get another one from a wrecker and see if i can get it to work. the car has 145kms on it, its a ADM so not sure about the dash. I want to get a Nismo dash for it anyway.
  3. hey guys just picked up my s15 and im super happy with it few questions No washer bottle, pump is still there but no bottle. IT has a front mount is that why it was taken out Clock on Dash doesnt work just, is this a fuse or do they fail What globes does the interior take as i want to put LED inside. Other than that its a cool little car. Hope to see you guys soon
  4. NSW: S and R Chassis garage sale

    Hello do yuo have the rear pods for sale and side skirts
  5. Hey guys Just saying hi. Getting a Grey S15 ADM tonight Light mods Front mount Boost controller JDM S15 Turbo Lenso 18s Coilovers Varex Exhaust (Which i will be selling) Also comes with blast pipes (Which i will be selling) I will post pics when i get it