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  1. ralliart lancer

    Hey guys thinking of getting out of my 180 that i have had for around 7 years into something newer. I have been looking at evo 8's which are newer around 03 model ect then i found out about the new ralliart lancers. Has any one driven one i know there would less performance than a evo just wondering if it was any good say incomparison to a wrx and the like cheers
  2. Guitar stuff

    Hey yeah im pretty sure they are made in the line 6 factory to make em more budget. I want a a med wattage head like no more than 60Watt all tube which will still be stupid loud. I dont really want a combo as im sure i want be into bands like parkway, killswitch ect for ever so i can mix and match a little. Going to go a 2x12 cab like a enclosed orange or framus. So im thinking mesa solo 50, some kind of engl thunder or screamer and im not sure what else there is also dont want built in effects or a peavey 6505. But also dont want to spend like more than 2 grand on a head
  3. Guitar stuff

    Hey any one played or heard a Bogner Alchemist in person if so whats your thoughts. Just wondering if it could do modern metal ect. Closest dear is 2 hours away some you tube clips sound pretty sweet any info would be great
  4. alexisonfire - young cardinals, old crows

    Have heard a bit on the radio not sure if i will buy this one, from the songs i have heard its just bulk noise no sweet riffs ect like on watch and and there self titled
  5. Who on NS rides?

    Hey just getting into mtb just brought a scott aspect and i am loving it so far. I have some extra cash at the moment and want to upgrade the bars and stem to stronger items. Im not sure what kind of info i need to ensure that it is going to fit on my bike?. All i know is the stem size has to clamp to the bar size but do you need to change the head set aswell? I found this set up here would i need to buy anything else to fit to my scott. any info would be great cheers
  6. Calling all Tradies!

    Im a dual trade electrical/instrument fitter, cleanest, least physical, have to use your brain a fair bit keeps you far more interested plus big money. I reacomend any sparky to go back to tafe and do the certificate IV
  7. joe satriani sueing cold play

    ahhh boo
  8. joe satriani sueing cold play

    Hey just read on a guitar forum that joe satriani is sueing cold play for copying his song "if i could fly" because it sounds very much like there smash hit viva la vida. Theres a you tube back to back video of the song here http://au.youtube.com/watch?v=1ofFw9DKu_I they have been accused of plagiarism before, whats your thoughts im thinking it was just luck they sound the same cheers
  9. Any pics of the rear s13 4 point installed?
  10. Earthing Kit... Opinions Please!

    If you think that increasing cable mm2 is going to increase resistance you better only have a "C" grade and not a "A" grade yet
  11. 180sx spoiler

    ^^ yeah after looking at them all a think its a d max the supermade one looks heeps wider cheers guys
  12. 180sx spoiler

    yep just been looking looks like supermade and supermade roof spoiler cheers
  13. Hey any one have any idea what this boot spoiler is, Im thinking super made? any help would be sweet
  14. Any Sparky here earn over +100K

    Get 100+ at any mine up north here in WA on a FIFO roster. Most wont dual trade electrical/instrument fitter but some dont
  15. Apprentice Electrician wages

    Try not to go though a apprentice type labour company. I was getting $13.80 as a 4th year over 21 because its the award. Also try and get your Cert IV instrument aswell now im on 85K+ just two weeks out of my apprenticeship