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  1. Hi Guys, I have a 1994 Blacktop non vct sr20 in my 180sx. Was just wondering if I need to modify the rocker cover at all on this model when installing a gktech ras? Thanks!
  2. WTB High Pressure Power Steering Line SR20DET S13/180sx S14/15 if anyone can confirm it fits. Thanks
  3. Hi Guys, I'm trying to scout a high pressure power steering line for my factory SR20DET 180sx. I was wondering if an S15 one would fit? Thanks
  4. Hi Guys, Just wondering the best way to removed the parker in the below picture. I was just going to take the globe to super cheap but if anyone knows it in advanced that'd be great. Thanks heaps!
  5. tie rod ends

    I just got a complete s15 steering rack
  6. 180sx kit options

    Hi, Considering putting a kit on my Chuki RPS13. I was wondering what options are out there? Would it be best to just look into a second hand type x kit? I've found a few more design options with the D-Max kits, but not sure of the quality, anybody used D-Max before? (http://www.nengun.co...ax/s13-aero-kit). Also considering just getting a Lip (maybe East Bear) through KMAK Aero What other options are out there for kitting up a stock looking chuki? Thanks
  7. ABS Delete S15

    Can vouch for the quality of the kit. Used it to install ABS s15 brake setup on my non abs s13.
  8. yeah I have an aftermarket momo wheel. Didn't think it was such a simple fix. I'll take a look this afternoon. Thanks guys.
  9. Hi guys, Confusing one, my 180sx's Indicator stalk out of alignment with steering wheel? It feels as if it thinks the wheel is turned slightly to the left, when it's straight. I have to rotate the steering wheel slightly to the right in order to get the indicator stalk to go into left indicate position. It also turns off early when the steering is centering up from turning right. I'm assuming it thinks the steering wheel is straight before it actually is. drew up an awesome picture
  10. WTB 180sx Front Lip

    Thanks, I'll message them on facebook.
  11. WTB 180sx Front Lip

    WTB 180sx Front Lip Pig nose Xenon East bear cash waiting
  12. WTB S13/180sx F/R Sway Bars

    Thanks pmod, will let you know. Pmd HUSTLA
  13. WTB S13/180sx F/R Sway Bars

    WTB S13/180sx F/R Sway Bars - preferably with links EDIT: Looking for whiteline or aftermarket PM me