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  1. WTB Yokohama Advan AVS6 16x8 +11 4 or 5x114.3 i dont mind Located in VIC willing to travel for right wheels dont care about tyres.
  2. WTB Silvia S13 Rolling Shell

    WTB Silvia S13 Rolling shell or one with a blown motor (havnt got a massive budget) MUST BE/HAVE - Factory 2 tone, black or white - Factory turbo (CA or SR, i dont care) - Sunroof Model - Nono hicas model Dont care if its auto or manual, something not to stripped out, will be my 1st project.
  3. WTB S13 Shell

    WTB S13 Shell MUST BE -Either Seafoam Green or Light Blue over dark grey (will also condifer a black or white shell) -Factory Sunroof -Factory Turbo (dont care if its ca or sr, just has to be turbo shell) EXTRA CREDIT -Factory Manual
  4. WTB S13 Silvia

    Thanks mate, I'm not really looking for a mint condition one, just as long as the car was factory all the things ive listed (just for ocd and completion reasons) I kinda want abit of a project, props should mention that too have you got any pics of yours??
  5. WTB S13 Silvia

    WTB Nissan Silvia S13 MUST BE -Factory CA18DET -Factory Manual (will consider an auto if it is an 89 model) -Factory Black, Or any of the two tones -Factory Sunroof -Not a single dent, crack, bend or bit of rust on the chassis. Extra credits -HUD and digital Dash -The more stock the better -Maybe a shell -Any of the rare s13 factory parts (cooler box, aero kit ect.) in VICTORIA. Let me know whats out there.
  6. Are the mirrors in good nick, do the motors work and everything?
  7. Have you got the bomex mirrors still? And could you get me a quote to post to 3988 Victoria
  8. Shed cleanout - lots of S1x parts

    No 12. The BM44, do you know which car it is off? i need one off a type x 180 or r32 GTS-T
  9. S13 K's Front Bumper Bar

    Hey all Looking for an S13 K's front bar (one with the vent on the passengers side at the bottom) prefer in factory metalic green, but not to bothered by colour, south eastern vic (closer to dandenong the better) Txt me on 0439 627 638
  10. CA Lip

    Gday all just looking for a CA lip for my S13, in the south east of vic (dandenong pref) just wondering if anyones got one lying around? send me a txt on 0437704583 or email kusted27@gmail.com
  11. WTB: CA Silvia S13 wing

    LF S13 Silvia CA wing, must having wiring/mounts, Around South east suburbs of Victoria.