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  1. 6speed to 5speed?

    I understand the want for a 25. But for some reason the sound and simplicity of an SR makes me heart warm.
  2. Interstate parts delivery

    Right Tim! Hard to pass up an offer like that. I have a goof friend who lives in WA so he is looking into picking it up and just sending motor over for now. Will get others as I need them!
  3. Interstate parts delivery

    Not trans, just motor.. And yes, have been in contact with JDM garage. This motor however is still in plastic from rebuild, gearbox rebuilt with near new radiator, intercooler and a brand new t28 (not that im using it anyway) for under 2. JDM garage is just doing a pressure test and calling agent in Jap to see miles on a motor for me.
  4. Interstate parts delivery

    I over estimated on the quote. I.e. said it was heavier and longer than it is. Better to be safe than sorry and it's around 300... Not bad. I'm in the coast so I got it Perth to cabo
  5. Interstate parts delivery

    Wow, but not with eGo? You've experienced good service? That's crazy. I guess you put a lot of trust with these sorts of companies. Not to mention the chances of receiving damaged items. then the blame game starts!
  6. Hey gang, Looking to get a motor, rad, gearbox sent from Perth to Brisbane. Just wondering if any of you have used a particular company or know someone that has. Further if you have used such services a rough estimate of how much you paid etc. Now depending on price, I could possibly leave gearbox there. But Engine and probably Rad are a must! Might have to start a build thread with the amount of crap i'm doing to this lemon! thanks in advance guys.
  7. 6speed to 5speed?

    Yeah, Hey I don't mind. You always have that thought of being a lemon when you buy a car with engine modifications I guess. No point feeling cranky at a situation I have no control over really. I think this cancels out the bad turbo though. Slight smoke from engine bay and copious amount from exhaust is what lead me to believe turbo. But hey, on the bright side this answers the problem of slight overheating. unfortunately the motor I was looking at came out of an S1 14. So about as useless as a nun's... well you know. Anyone hears of a sr20det series 2 s14 and/or s15 motor appreciate if you could let me know!
  8. 6speed to 5speed?

    Too easy! Sounds good. Thanks guys
  9. 6speed to 5speed?

    Hey guys, So in proper lemon fashion i've done a head gasket. Now I think I am just going to do a complete engine swap, can buy a decent blacktop fairly cheap. (Same motor that is in my car now) Now, on this motor which this bloke owns he had an 6 speed. However I have a s15 motor (same one as the one that selling) but have a 5 speed. Willi run into any issues doing this? Or should it still be a straight swap? thanks.
  10. s15 t28 ball bearing turbo for sale

  11. GT2871r asap!

    yeah mate I did. Knew about the clutch and center bearing.. tats about it. Majority of the other stuff is sort of the junk you dont find until youve been driving for 2 hours
  12. garage clean out...updated 29/2

    Will take a/c Compressor
  13. GT2871r asap!

    Nope, she's a lemon. Going in for new clutch throw out and a good shake of the Cat. Also got a split dump pipe trouble with the overflow filling up and center bearing on its way out. Anyone want a 14? Vgc never been trashed haha
  14. GT2871r asap!

    As stated. Need a Garrett 2871r asap Rocky. SE Queensland but will pay postage
  15. Aftermarket wastegate actuator

    Awesome, thanks for your help.