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  1. SR20DE S15 Engine playing up with hot weather

    also the car completely cut out, as in the power steering and everything, battery is fine, always filled with BP 98 octane... had half a tank at the time
  2. So I own an s15 silvia varietta, and during the hot weather spell in Melbourne (30~ celcius), was taking my car out for a spin and the car wasn't starting.. finally got it to start, then when i stopped at the traffic lights, the engine cut out randomly and it took a while for me to start the car again. This same problem also happened the day after (hot day again). Prior to this i've never had any problems with the car, been driving it now that the weathers cooled down and it runs 100%. Anyone know what the problem could be??
  3. I'm after a C-WEST TYPE II FRONT BUMPER for my S15, preferably JDM and preferably located in VIC (if I have to import does anyone know where), if someone can point me in the right direction or sells please let me know. Code: CW-CS15GTA-FBFR C-West Type II Front Bumper Same Bumper posted in pic below.
  4. Hey guys, Been browsing these forums quite regularly and decided to finally create an account. Looking forward to being a member of these forums Below is my very own Nissian Silvia S15 Varietta, hope you like it.