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  1. moving to sydney

    Yes, move in with the socialists(who are actually in league with globo corp unbeknowest to themselves ), we need more people to understand their bullshit and speak against it.
  2. things that annoy you

    Yes, what is it about Audi and VW drivers ? They are dangerous on the roads.
  3. Formula 1 Discussion Topic

    You were tired. This race had 2 of the best overtakes all year, Schmacher and Vettel's. However I saw the politicians in action over that, Vettel was way faster than Button, I hate sook's that get their way with politics.
  4. The "Greens" are obviously just "Reds" that have hijacked a eco-fascist agenda that does nothing for the environment but has everything to do with enslaving you, making everyone poor with an elite band of socialists that will tell you what you can and can't do. In any case, whenever a socialist govt gets into power, the economy and people suffer if not be totally devestated. I feel sorry for people that truly care about the environment but support this social-engineering unwittingly.
  5. We should have reciprocal agreements with every nation, if they don't give us anything, we don't give them anything. If we can't get a visa or invest, they can't get a visa or invest. What is unfair with that ?
  6. In any case, why is it they head here and the other bleeding heart nations. What if it was us that had to go there ? would there be open arms ? or would they strip you and leave you dead ?
  7. or you could pay the smugglers to increase their activity for political gains, force the media to play the sympathy card and call anyone that disagrees with the agenda a racist. They don't call it the looney left for no reason.
  8. More cash for Serco. More people from suppressive regimes willing to vote for the same here. I like Thailand's and Japan's policies. Thailand, beat them with a stick for 3 days, then refuel them and tow them, funnily enough they don't get boat people there. Japan, shoot at them with 30 mm gun and sink the boat, they get one boat every 10 years. Australia, sell your children down the river, spend the inheritance, put multi-billion dollar lawsuit to newspapers head to promote capitalist sponsored global corp socialism and accept takeover.
  9. Any reasonable person would say, "what do I get for these carbon credits from the USA and how does that help the environment and the Australian economy ?". Give the IMF 11 Billion Australian dollars in the last 15 months, then turn around and say "we need 6 billion to balance the budget, we'll sack 30 000 council workers instead".
  10. Spending too much on supplements is a problem, they are fricken expensive now, they used to throw whey down the drain ffs. Just buy some meat and veg and learn to cook.
  11. Why would you bother watching something like that when you know it'll be totally biased and presenting the worst possible fears and most serious complications. I can guarantee most of it would be factually incorrect. Put it this way, I wish I had of been more obsessed in my younger years and really push hard when still young. Sure, I did lots of training when I didn't have a job and was still at Uni, its not like I had big bucks to go around splashing on fast women or anything, so I trained alot when I was studying, what else did I have to do ? Really, I regret not pushing as hard as I possibly could of. I still train 4 days a week at least, that's not obsessive, its smart.
  12. Johnny's Training Log

    Not the Husafel Stone or Stone of Destiny, good enough for me though : I didn't have time to change. Just got out of the car, had a drink of water, then lift the heavy stone. there is a story behind this rock. There's definitely a technique to rock lifting. Do an explosive bent over row, deadlift onto your knees, then front squat up. Is there a word to describe the face you get when heavy lifting ? Definitely not my prettiest photo. I'll dig up the photo of my arm afterwards.
  13. How bad is your hearing?!?

    I lost my upper range hearing at one point. I have it back now. So don't believe those doctors that say hearing loss is always permanent and the little hairs in your ear don't grow back, they can.
  14. Bullying?

    Bullying always seemed more extreme at Private Schools, probably because there tends to be fewer groups per form year so it's easier to make the victim feel isolated. Nothing's changed. Now, it's like you can go and have a cry to mummy instead of facing reality, taking the occasional knock, but not bursting into tears or having to use fantasy psycho techniques which will probably just aggravate any bully in reality. Life can be tough, if you get a bit weak at the knees from a child bully, what hope have you ? I've dated a few single mothers so I know what I'm talking about. I remember this one runt of a kid would start getting all teary if his buddy wrestled to hard or something and he'd look to me as if I would help. When he realised I wasn't going to help him, he had to learn to wrestle back harder. After a couple of months of playing with his mate who was admittedly a touch rough over summer, the kid that used to pick on him on the bus got a shocking serve when he realised first day back to school that the prior victim wasn't going to take it and would fight back now.
  15. Phuket/Thailand

    I finally saw a Ping Pong show on a trip there. The show itself is pretty low brow ofcourse, but the reactions on the faces of the gaggle of 50 year old English birds watching was priceless. Especially when the old boiler on stage shoots the dart to pop the ballon, I nearly choked laughing watching the faces of the old ducks in the crowd it was so funny. Would you put 100 Baht in the jar if someone let you in for free ? Do you mind appearing as a cheap dealbreaker ? The deals with her, no matter what he said. As for avoiding payment. Hypothetically, if they had of cut you with a machette for avoiding payment, would they have had charges laid against them ? Or would the Policeman perceive the outcome as being entirely fair and reasonable ? You must have been lucky, she must have just finished cleaning the last blood stains, coz normally the boss man's stooge would come out and say : "You can do 3. 1. cut knife 2. clean kitchen 3. lighter fart, stage, one hour, YOU." They have a special sign made up for the Asian tourist segment whenever they get a young white boy on stage, they always make their money back. I wouldn't trust a bevy of Thai girls with ping pong balls within arms reach if you did take the 3rd option