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    Hey everyone. After 5 years of owning a s chassis and browsing the forums I finally registered because of a un findable question haha. Any way I've owned two s13's a 32 a 180 a spec b lib and now a s15. I've always just had the nissans as track cars but finally sold my liberty and track car and bought a 15 with some money left over to play with. Anyway my 15 has had a engine swap to what the previous owner said is a spec r engine! I've got the engine numbers and trying to figure out if it's a jdm black top or a adm one! Is there anyway to tell buy engine number?? Anyway howdy and here's a photo of the rig! 02 spec r gt (She was stock when I bought it) has JIC adjustable camber arms, tein super streets, flared gaurds, 18x10 and x9.5 t2rs, gizmo boost controller, 3 inch zorst, from turbo, front mount Shaved jdm boot. Roof wing (getting painted) and aero front bar being painted.