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  1. Wtb s15 6 speed clutch kit

    Wtb s15 6 speed clutch kit, preferably solid single flywheel. Would like it to still have a little bit of life left until I can figure out what I wanna do with the gearbox. Cheers, Kelvin
  2. Need help! Evo 8mr

    Hi people, new member here, if I could get anyone's opinion and advice it would greatly be appreciated. My evo is blowing a lot of constant thick white smoke. All started happening after the other night, I was driving home from work and hit something that had pierce a hole in the intercooler about the size of a 20c piece, it was also raining pretty heavy too. Decided to garage it for the week and use the s15 till I got another intercooler. Started the evo yesterday and it's fine for the first 20-30 seconds then just starts blowing white smoke. My oil isn't milky or anything and the radiator coolant is fine. Any opinions would be great, thanks! Kelvin