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  1. Tune and cam replacement

    Thanks guys. I've already ordered the cams through them. Might ring a few other places to make sure the pricing is decent.
  2. Tune and cam replacement

    They can but just reckon since I have the stock computer still, it'll be more effective to run Nistune.
  3. Hey guys just need some advice on some work I'm looking at doing. It needs new cams, so we're going with Camtech 260 and new valve springs. Is there anything else that will need to be changed along with this. They quoted me 2093 for cams and valve springs that includes labour. Also I currently have a haltech PS1000 and I still have the stock computer as well. They recommended I go with a nistune on the stock computer and sell the haltech, to improve the cars driveability, idle, cold start. So on top of the $2000 another $1100 for the nistune, bringing it to $3100. Does this sound reasonable or am I getting ripped off?
  4. Do you guys have cold start issues with your haltech? I already have a z32 airflow meter and have been thinkin of making the switch to nistune as I still have my factory computer
  5. Problems with tune

    Finally came to the bottom of the issue. Apparently cams are worn! Gotta save up for cams now
  6. Problems with tune

    Btw There is no AFM as it's running of a haltech
  7. Problems with tune

    So up top it was flat lining. Not climbing in revs and also blowing out this black particle stuff. From the dump it's all 3 inch there's no kinks. There's a flexijoin from where it goes 3 inch single into dual muffler. The muffler brand is hurricane, although I dnt know what the rest of the exhaust is. I was thinking of saving some $$ and hitting up just jap for a full new HKS or G Reddy exhaust system, that way I know it's quality. Also what's the best recommended pod filter? Thanks in advance guys
  8. Problems with tune

    Damn I confused myself it's a 3 inch stainless steel intake not the standard one. Was done by the previous owner. It has a bit of movement in it tho. When I'm driving it feels like there's a lot of rattle near the dump especially at idle as well. I dno if that has anything to do with the engine mounts which are soft
  9. Problems with tune

    It's already got a 3" cat sorry. What's the best aftermarket intake pipe replacement? I'll also change the stock air box and find a good fuel pump. Cheers
  10. Problems with tune

    The real problem is it's not making the power it should. It's still sitting at about 200kw, because of those problems at high boost. I have only owned the car for about 6 months so haven't done fuel filter and fuel pump
  11. Problems with tune

    The exhaust is definitely sweet. Pretty much straight through all the way. Cat is stock I think and it's been blown out so no restrictions. Nothing done to cams. It's hasn't got a proper boost controller just a knob haha. On low it's running around 13 and high 18. The intake is stock as well. It's still quicker and more responsive after the tune but should be getting at least about 230 kW. Also I just have a stock air box in, would that make a big difference? Cheers for the feedback guys
  12. Problems with tune

    Normal sr20det motor. It's got a garrett 28/71, front mount, and I just put in nismo 740 CC injectors. It came out with 200 kW and that's with the problems at high boost
  13. Hey guys I just got a tune done a few days ago. I had an issue with the tune tho. At high boost they said they had limitations to which they put down to exhaust. Since then I've got the exhaust checked and it appears fine. It's pretty much 3" all the way, also got the cat, muffler and resonator checked. Can't think of what else it could be. Any ideas guys?
  14. Tune in Sydney

    Thanks guys!
  15. Tune in Sydney

    Hey guys I'm looking for the best place for a tune around Sydney. The car is currently running heaps rich and needs a tune. It's got a garrett gt 30/76 and running of a haltech. Havent had the car for too long and still learning. I think it's getting around 200-210kw at the wheels. Cheers