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  1. Fat or Crap - You decide

    This is my favorite post in this topic: "to much like the old toranas and with wrongly ofsetted wheels that are way too small" Take a look at this guys 180... what a pile of fu*king sh^t!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This thing is crap (quality)... yes, but it looks fu*king fat! If you dont think so, send me some photos of your fully sick s13 with chromies and clear taillights so i can use it as toilet paper!!!
  2. Yes thanks to everyone yesterday for good cruising! good to see support for one of us! MEANS13 - dude i struggled with that car park but later on i literally took half my front bar off thanks to slide gone wrong! ps. Shannon drives hard... for a chick! ha ha ha
  3. anyone from south wishing to attend the cruise meet at windy point look out (new belair road, belair) at 11:30 saturday. might see you there
  4. Very upsetting to lose one of us. Rest in peace Ben. I would like to join the cruise and pay my respects. please PM me with details.