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  1. Brimstone103's Blue build

    Long time admirer but first time owner joining the S15 club. The car 1999 Nissan Silvia Spec R (jap ver.) Option B Blue Swede trim 80,000 km (I hope) Add-ons Front mount (HKS I think) Cat back Greddy Power Extreme GS X-force hi-flow cat Enkei RPF1 wheels with Kumo KU36 rubber BC V1 coilovers Greddy Profec Electronic Boost Controller Greddy turbo timer Yashio LED tail lights Blitz Boost gauge Walbro 255 fuel pump custom Lexus is250 Blue re-spray Alpine DVD head unit with Pioneer 6" speakers front and back. I picked up this beauty in a private sale early this year, the old owner was a painter by trade so he's re-sprayed the whole car in Lexus IS250 blue just for something a little different (over stock blue) and done an awesome job, not a scratch. I bought it for a daily driver so I'm not chasing big power but I'm working on making it a nice touring car for the weekends. Unigroup dyno tested it for me and the old owner had set the boost too high so I was running lean at best and getting detonationsat worst, I've just thrown a new fuel pump, the new greddy profec boost controller and a new exhaust at it and now so it's ready for a proper tune but running better than ever already. really excited to get some more projects underway, I'm thinking new brakes next. Proper pics coming soon
  2. Nate's S15 Spec-R

    Thanks, I want to get a set of 18x9 front & 18x9.5 rear Enkei RPF1's next. Which model Trust exhaust did you get? I saw on your page that you go the ARC turn flow intercooler kit, where did you purchase that from? I'm thinking about getting either the Blitz kit or the ARC. I've got the same Enkei RPF's and + 1 to how sexy they are on a S15 but there is a bit of poke which worries me a bit. I've just had a Greddy order from Nengun arrive for the Power Extreme GS catback (took about 9 days from date of order to be despatched so your not alone) I've had both bad and good experiences in the past with custom work so I didnt want to risk it, nor did I want a stupidly loud exhaust....again.. I've got to say it's got a great sound that's just the right volume, a nice meaty note for normal driving without drawing too much attention and doesn't have the drone you get with the custom jobs sometimes. Only issue I have is the mid muffler is a bit low and mine is near stock height so I wasn't expecting that.
  3. Brimstone103's Spec R