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  1. 12" Sub Box for S15

    Hey guys I'm wanting to get my hands on two fibreglass moulded sub boxes to fit either side of the boot in my 200sx to house a 12" sub either side. From what I can gather there used to be a dealer on eBay that had a whole heap of these things but i haven't had any luck at all finding them ? If anyone has, or even knows of somewhere I can get my hands on these pleeeaaaase let me know!! Basically these are what I'm after ...
  2. Hey guys! Finally got around to starting my thread, picked up my S15 Autech early Feb this year and have been pretty happy with it, beautiful car, drives great and heaps of fun. Got some big plans for her this year! so cant wait to start that, will try to keep everyone updated for those interested in the build and offer any assistance i can to those inquiring. It was pretty much stock Autech when i picked it up aside from the rims, a set of K-Sport fully adjustable coilovers and a fairly dodgily installed head unit lol but other than that i picked it up with 90K on the clock and have loved every K since! Anyways here's a few pics...