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  1. Steam Pipe SR20 Manifold

    Hey guys Im looking for a steam pipe bottom mount exhaust manifold to suit a turbo in the stock location. Thanks
  2. Im looking into whether or not it's worth buying an aftermarket exhaust manifold and I came across this test. I wonder what you guys think of it. https://www.full-race.com/article/sr20_turbo_manifold_test_writeup.pdf
  3. Do you have any recommendations on manifolds? Is any tubular manifold ok or is shelling out for a tomei expreme worth it?
  4. I'd like to see some dyno results of the ATR28SS2BB to get an idea of the response. My ATR28SS15 comes on full boost (20psi) at 3.7krpm and I feel like much laggier than that wouldn't feel the best on the street.
  5. Does the ball bearing conversion make it spool up much quicker? For example will an ATR28SS2 ball bearing come on as quick an ATR28SS1.5 bush bearing? From memory I think there's a 300rpm difference between the two reaching full boost (20psi) in a bush bearing setup.
  6. What does everyone do for a living

    Very nice, what discipline did you major in? I'm an electrical engineer and graduated in 2014, I had considered doing the bachelors in mechanical instead but I figured the likelyhood of actually finding a job to do with cars/engines was slim to none so I went the electrical route because I figured there should be plenty of jobs in the coming years.
  7. That's very impressive, and even better if it was in an S15 since the 6 speed is weaker than the 5 speed. Did the car see much drifting or drag racing? To get an idea of what sort of abuse it saw. And how long was it running on that power?
  8. About a year ago I put in an NPC 10" Organic clutch and lightweight flywheel rated to 300rwkw because of the great reviews and there would be much less stress on the gearbox compared to a cushion button, puk or twin plate clutch. Now that I'm switching to E85 soon, will probably make around 270-275rwkw and hoping for 11's at the drags I'm wondering what the chances are of blowing a gear on the drag strip. I'm using an S13 5 Speed box and I see they like to break around the 250rwkw mark but usually with clutches other than organics so I'm hoping it holds up. I never drift or clutch kick, drag racing will be the most abuse it sees. I'd like to know if anyone has blown a gear using this particular clutch as I've read most nearing 300rwkw on the factory box are doing it with this clutch. Down the road I was considering Z32 or Z33 gearbox at some point, but still undecided which is stronger. Although the Z33 gears are larger, there are many mixed reviews online as to the reliability of the Z33.
  9. I was wondering if porting/polishing the head and an aftermarket manifold would help. In the end though the peak kw figure isn't too important, it's more about area under the curve. I plan on running my SR with a late 2015 ATR28SS1.5 on E85 soon which I guess would get around 270rwkw but really my aim is to get into the 11's. If I can run that quarter mile time it's certainly more than fast enough for the street lol.
  10. Let's Talk Brake Pads!

    I put Intima SS brake pads on my 180 with R33 GTST front calipers, they pull up real nice and don't make the annoying squeaking my old ones were making (which came with the calipers). The also make much less dust on my silver rims which I'm very happy about. When these are worn out I will be buying the same pads again that's for sure.
  11. Good to note, I did see a fair bit of boost spike with my ss15 and MBC and am planning on getting a boost solenoid controlled by the ECU before the final tune for best results.
  12. Does anyone have any idea how the ATR28SS1.5 would compare to a Precision 5130? They're rated to similar power and the 5130 is said to be very responsive I just haven't been able to source many dyno graphs for it to compare.
  13. 200rwkw -> 250rwkw

    I'm using an SS15 with poncams and used to have an S15 T28BB on there with the factory cams. The gain in power is definitely worth it and makes a lot of difference, hardly any extra lag. Pretty responsive for the street imo. The poncams really made the SS15 shine as with stock cams it was nowhere near as impressive up top.
  14. sr20det injector impedance

    My Nismo 740's (I purchased them new) all read 11.6 from memory, all the same resistance and all running perfectly. I would be conerned if one of them read different to the other 3.
  15. Very surprised that the spark plug lead made that much of a difference. Got a much more stable reading from cylinder 1 showing it where it needed to be. Thanks guys.