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  1. Sr20det cam installation, doesn't turn over

    All running fine, tune booked in for next Wednesday, can't wait for dyno results
  2. Sr20det cam installation, doesn't turn over

    Yes it was the tensioner, excellent guess. It was the nut itself on the stud, somehow it was locked on the which forced the stud out when I removed it, I topped up the engine and cranked it or a few seconds and sure enough, oil was leaking pretty badly out of out, remember I was sitting in the drivers seat attempting to wear in the cams whilst I wasn't looking inside the engine bay at the time, holding it at revs and idle for around 5 minutes. Does anyone know where to get a new stud? I used my die set on the thread, but since I had to grind off the nut, I knicked the thread a little bit and I didn't have a smaller enough piece to apply the new thread, nor the nut. For those who think 'you're better off taking it to a mechanic' is an appropriate reply for threads on this site, money does not bother me, saying that, I would rather learn the hard way, (whilst using guides 99% of the time) than letting someone else do it. Every engine is different, you never know what the last person before you has done, these 'f**kups' I've done are the road to knowing what is right and what is wrong with my car, and if that's not being an enthusiast then I don't know what is. But thank you muchly for the help.
  3. Sr20det cam installation, doesn't turn over

    I've for sure f**ked up somewhere along the line, cheers for the advice
  4. Sr20det cam installation, doesn't turn over

    Okay so I've aligned everything 100% now, the cas is In correctly, the engine fires, but after I started it and began the process of wearing in the camshafts I noticed as I got out of the car the oil was absolutely everywhere, cleaned it up and checked the dipstick and there was literally no oil in there, had dropped 99% of it on the ground, with splatter marks that looked like it hit the fan And spread. The only known mistake I make was with the chain tensioner, one of the studs threaded and no longer tightens, could there be any other areas the oil is coming from?
  5. Sr20det cam installation, doesn't turn over

    Yea silly mistakes haha, it doesn't quite idle without revs, although the engine seems to be shaking more than it should when it turns over, will have to find some time during the week to have a better look
  6. Sr20det cam installation, doesn't turn over

    Okay well maybe I lied, the cas wasn't in properly, although it started it was a bit spluttery and sounded like something was a bit loose in there, I'll have to go over everything I've done again today
  7. Sr20det cam installation, doesn't turn over

    Yes, I have all the marks lined up on the crank, and pulleys, and the CAS is in the exact same spot it was before I took it out. Couldn't be 180 degrees out, I had the engine at tdc at the intake stroke (with the 1st cam lobes facing out wards)
  8. Just installed some crower stage 2 264's in my sr, tried to start it up and it backfire very loud and Shot a cloud of black smoke, diagnosis? Cheers
  9. Yea that's true ^ just had another look at the timing, it's 180 degrees out so it was trying to spark on the exhaust stroke, oops lol, possible start up tomorrow yay
  10. So guys I've put it all back together the way it was when I bought it, 6 new valves installed, new gaskets etc and for some reason the engine will turn over but there is no ignition, burnt out one starter motor out, it seems as if the starter is labouring harder in one certain spot with each revolution, I am getting a spark to the plugs and fuel as well, when I tried to start it up it had a bit of a gurgle and backfire. So close to this thing going I really need some more info, Cheers guys
  11. Well yesterday I finally got around to taking the head off and bad news, 6 vales were f**ked! And one of them was lodged into the head itself, lesson learnt, on to the next class.
  12. I left the car at my mates place which I'm currently visiting just to work on the car, my mate said he did turn the cams while the timing belt was off however there is a little dowel pin on the exhaust pulley and if it's not slid back in the right way it won't go on, so it's not like the pulley and cams are out 90 degrees since the timing marks were all lined up, will be having a look at the valves this afternoon either way will let you know how I go Cheers
  13. No additional work besides the seals mate, it won't even turn over even with the pulleys off and the cams angled differently so I'm 99% it's a valve, will be digging for the head sometime this week
  14. Have aligned the timing properly and the cams are in the correct position, for some reason the engine will only turn half way and I can't get #1 piston to tdc I'm thinking maybe I've bent a valve somewhere along the line 😭
  15. After having quite a lot of oil coming from what seemed to be the warm out cam seals, I recently replaced them (which was at the time easier than I though) all the nuts, bolts, CAS, belt and pulleys were all positioned in what I though to be te same position. Tried to start it up and it wouldn't even turn over, the pulleys all turn to the right only slight while turning the key, and then after daikon to crank it turns back to the same position it was before an attempted start up. Wondering if this could be a timing issue as everything was out back in the same position as before I replaced the seals it started fine, although it was throwing oil throughout the engine bay. As always all help/advice is appreciated Failing to crank*