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  1. Hey guys just I would post, I am 6spdsx brother and yeah as he said I find this way of training to be the best I have done, I trained consitantly over the last 6 years (I am 30 this year) and have maybe put on 10-15 kg of muscle. Training the 4-5 day a week routine of one body part a night 20 sets or so and then recently getting to a stale point of not being able to increase poundages and always tired, lethergic. So i thought i would give it a go. Found it to be awesome, and also means you do not need to be attached at the hip to the gym, i am going in at a 3 day a fortnight training session and it works. (It took me a few months to get used to the not going to the gym everyday thing, but now i am there). After reading Mike mentzers books it occured to me that he is spot on. My body needs more time to recover, and then by giving it the time it needs you can then also grow and continue in this manner. (Would recommend anyone to get hold of his books and read them giving them a broad mind). As for the training, as Marcos said it is very very demanding, i only do 3-4 sets, not including warmup and it takes me a good 3-4 hours to get back to a standard breathing rate and cool down. All this for only maybe 15 mins of actual lifting. It is great. You really need the next few days off to recover from the session, pain usually goes after one to two days then the other days are for growing. Main points are Always make and increase in weight or repartitions per workout, If you can not then check the enough rest has been given. Or the 100% intensity has been applied. Give your body enough rest and recuperation, so do not over train Give no less than 100% intensity to ever lift. And it works. As it is I 107kgs at present, down from 112 and i have lost 2 inches of my waist, my lifts have increased by about 5 - 10 kgs on nearly all lifts and steadily increasing every week. Current workout is Day 1 Chest Flyes (either DB or pec deck) Superset with Incline Press Back DB Pullovers Superset with Reverse grip (underhand) lat pulldown Deadlifts Day 2 Legs Leg extension Superset with Squats or Leg press Hamstrings Lying leg Curls Calfs Calf raises Day 3 Shoulders DB laterals Superset Military Press (Smith or Regular standing) DB rear lateral raise Biceps Straight bar curls Superset with Underhand Chins Triceps Triceps pulldown Superset Dips. Day 4 Repeat Legs. All sets taken to failure, try to get 8-10 for upper body and 12-15 for lower body. As for intensity, usually I get my brother to spot entire way, jusp in at usually 8-10 then after tiny help getting weight up then proceed with 3 negatives, slowly let down. Another way for increased intensity is static holds, which is only possible on a few exercises like leg extension or pec deck, some bicep curl machines, but it is to increase weight buy 5% and then get spotter to help get it up and then you just hold it there until you can not anymore. Mike liked this as it enlisted 100% of the muscle fibres into holding the weight up and the more weight you lift the more intense. Sorry for the long post but it is hard to summerise this type of training cause against conventional wisdom it is completely different. This is very bried but may help some people to get an idea about it. Matt
  2. short shift kits

    Mate, Yeah definately stay stock, I have only just changed back to a stock one (an SR20 box that is) I like 6 SPD SX have spent $$ on buying short shifters. I find it more annoying than anything, and as he said you can slam it in gear alot quicker with the standard. They all tend to be a little noisy as well, maybe because the tolerances are a lot smaller as it is made a stiffer than the standard one. If you can put up with a little noise and drive with out slamming into gear then i would say yes. But if not, and the vibration will drive you nuts then spend the dosh elsewhere dude. If anyone wants to buy a B&M shortshifter pm me.
  3. Welding Standard Manifold

    Yeah, thanks to 6 spd sx for clearing up my bad description that is exactly what i meant. And thanks to everyone for replying. Just have to find a good welder, who should i get to do this. Matt
  4. Awesome, thanks Greg Will keep an eye out for the dumps mate and order it then. Matt
  5. Hey guys, Couple of quick questions, firstly, have heard a few different things but, is it possible to weld a standard cast manifold. What i want to do is take of the heat shield and get it HPC coated, but i am not a fan of the spacers that are on the manifold to hold the shield was wondering if it would be ok to grind them off and smooth them out. Or should I just toughen the f**k up and live with it. Also does anyone know where to get things HPC coated, in Sydney. Out near Blacktown. I know i can post to melbourne to the factory but was interested to see in any in Sydney does it. Cheers Matt
  6. Hey Greg, Thanks for the reply, again thinking about it, it would be due to the weight of the exhaust (for the cat back). As it has cracked on the top not on the bottom that an impact would no doubt cause. Ok you have sold me, are the S13 SR20 Dump pipes in stock at the moment, cause i would take on of those as well. Would getting it hpc coated void any warranties? (Just the dump that is). Thanks Matt
  7. Hey Greg, just in regards to the front pipe with flex for the S13. Just wanted to know why the flex is back near the cat converter. I would have thought it to be a better design to have it up closer to the bend of the pipe. I am onto my third now dump pipe as the other two have cracked and I put it down to repeated scrapes and I spose impacts from speed bumps and the such. These being just behind the wheels. Is there any reason why it could not be put there. Just wanting to know before i buy this one that is all Thanks heaps Matt
  8. Hey Greg, How much for one of those Tune agent METAL INTAKE KITS. I have an arc air box already so i assume this pipe will meet up to the air flow meter in the standard position. Also if you could include the postage to Epping, NSW, 2121. Thanks Matt
  9. GKtech cooler - TRUST m-spec

    mmmm no holes kit for 180sx, I am for that definately. Have been holding of for on for so long. Make it Greg, good stuff.
  10. Hey mate, I got an sr180, what master cylinder would be needed to work with this setup on the front Thanks Matt
  11. Hey mate, yeah i am Gumsticks mate, I love the AGX's they are awesome, made such a difference to the suspension of my car. Rate them highly. Plus the adjustability has that cool wanky touch Man that price is awesome as well. You could be the middle man and make a bit dosh on the side on selling them at that price. He he he.

    Hey guys, I tried this stuff, as i am sure most people have on here, for me i still have 1/2 bottle left at home. The hype about it was that it created the most intense muscle pumps eva. All i found was that on it I felt like my muscles were severly cramping, which in effect ruined a good workout anyway, cause the pain was so intense i had to drop sets and reps accordingly. So yeah gave an increase in pump, to cramplike state. So for me it is crapola, expensive crapola actually. Thanks Matt
  13. Hey mate, The Type X seats are quite a bit better than the older models seats, but that also could be due to the foam wearing out and being flat and crap in the older ones. Saying that it was a dam good change for me, it stopped my back from always aching on long drives. Hope this helps. Matt
  14. Hey m&m and my other iron brothers. I am after some advice, have been training for about 5 years, so have gone through a lot of cutting and bulking diets. Problem is that my cardio and diet program is not having the desired effects this time. I have reduced carbs substancially but kept protien intake to the 2.5 grams per kilo of body weight. Which is at this stage about 107kgs now, meaning i have dropped around 3 kgs, also about an inch in waist measure. Just looking if you have a suggested weight program that i could try. I am always willing to try new things as sometimes one can get stagnant in there sessions. Cardio is being uped in intensity as well as frequency to try to bring it in. Show time is in about 6 - 7 weeks, (Show being my marriage day, he he) so would like to get the waist down about another 2 inches maybe 3 if possible. Still loving the back workout you subscribed, it feels awesome. Thanks m&m, I was going to write down my program now but think that a new blood approach would be best to shock my body into new improvement. Thanks Matt Just to recap stats, Age 28 Height 6 foot Weight 107 kgs