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  1. Green Machine

    not wrong, goot bit of learning there..
  2. Green Machine

    back to the topic of cooling fuel... this bloke had an interesting point about cooling fuel..
  3. Gary's S14A.

    looking forward to it. is that a solid alloy exhaust mount.....
  4. Team2j - 2jzs14

    nice work mang
  5. 1200 Ute

    good to see your still plugging away with it..
  6. S14a , 1JZ vvti **280 rwkw**

    bump for updates..
  7. S13 by Mechanical Short Black

    good write up on your website bro.. probably get a lot more hits on here or JDMST..
  8. Gary's S14A.

    if its in the way you could just remove that section by undoing the v band so eta on completion.... are you prepping this for an event in particular..
  9. Gary's S14A.

    Gary's S14A Hotbox..
  10. Gary's S14A.

    i thought most people run oval pipe along the floor over cutting the whole floor out... im interested to see this car finished..
  11. Gary's S14A.

    yea chop it half way... make up a rear diffuser...
  12. Gary's S14A.

    HOLY SHIT DUDE.... that looks mint... hows the tubing and body looking...
  13. Gary's S14A.

    bump for updates.....
  14. my 180sx

    im sure if you get on google images youll see heaps of solutions