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  1. Hey everyone, I have a mate who has just moved to Palmerston 0830 and he has just setup a polishing shop. He is one of Melbournes best polisher's and does heaps of car stuff like wheel's, intakes, rocker covers etc etc. He also does motor cycle stuff and anything else that needs to be shiny! The man could polish a turd if he tried. Here are some pics of some stuff he has recently done but he has been polishing for over 20 years and knows his shit. Call Jason on 0417 524 964 and tell him Blake said to look after you! Attached thumbnail(s) Reduced 86% 1280 x 960 (571.04K) // Reduced 86% 1280 x 960 (550.46K) // Reduced 86% 1280 x 960 (559.36K) // Reduced 86% 1280 x 960 (555.56K) //
  2. Need a dump pipe made up

    I can do it and actually have some time at the moment. Email me if you want to talk about what you are after blakekennedy@dodo.com.au Cheers, Blake
  3. DYNO DAY 4th April !

    Post this invitation up on the r31 club and there will be a white series 3 N/A 6cylinder that will mop the floor with that figure turn up I reckon. it should make around 160-180 rwkw I think, have not seen/heard about the car for a long time tho! Blake
  4. Well have to go and play in the dirt some time soon pete! Can take you to some good places I recomend investing in good saftey gear as well, my stuff has saved me a LOT of pain! Buy knee braces, they are a must!
  5. Car Rotisserie

    Still going to keep bikes mate! the bike made 130 rwhp actually! haha Yeah have started another build but this one is a little bit bigger than anything I have done in the past. Might go ok when its done I guess. See you @ powercruise mate
  6. Looks te goods Pagey. Good to see you filled in all the holes and put some time/effort into it The end product will be sweet as! in back round of photo I can see parts box's!
  7. There we have it in black and white. Toffy is a Whore. My Opinoin is not required here so I will not post anything other than about the pics of the ae86 and the rotor motor. Both are very nice and I am sure work very well for the purpose each one was built for. Keep the pics up Medwin, I like to see time, effort, money and attention to detail in a car build.
  8. WTB- Tailshafts

    I have a r33 tail shaft sitting here doing not much.
  9. Car Rotisserie

    Nah mate I dont borrow tools and the like and my car is proberly too heavy for the ones I have seen about so far. Mookie, where you work? you might be able to get it cheaper for me
  10. Car Rotisserie

    The one I am building is a lot better than any of the ones you can buy. it can handle a lot more weight so you can put suspension items in the car and other cruicial bits before putting it back down. It is also height adjustable. the cheapest one I found looking quickly was 2k plus shipping from victoria. The cheap ones you can buy for less only have a low load capacity. My car will go onto the rotisserie with all interior and some suspension and braking components. Just trying to gauge weather other ppl would use it or not to see if its worth my while building one or I can borrow one of a mate but I would have to reduce the weight of my car. Blake
  11. Car Rotisserie

    Toffy, You dont want to know! f**k its exxy! well to give you an idea I need some 65x65x6 and its 49.50 a meter! all up this is owe me around 1k but it will be great for my car as I need to put a heap of braided lines under my car and some "Other" lines that Might attatch to a "Bottle or 2" of some type. Basically the thing will pay for itself almost by doing my car but it will still owe me a heap of time and about 1000 bucks so if I can get some of it back and others can use it then all is good. Blake
  12. Car Rotisserie

    Hey all, I am about to build a heavy duty car rotisserie to suit r31's but will be able to fit nearly all makes and models. Before I build it I was trying to gauge weather anyone would like to use it for a small donation as the steel is very expensive. Something like 150 bucks a month? I dont know. Post if you know of anyone that might be keen! Thanks, Blake
  13. some 2 rebuild for me

    Just got my motor built by Matt and its going to be good Recomend him very highly Blake
  14. Stolen Parts list

    no one would flog anything from blakes as they love him, him and his mates supply the bronx with the best quality skids they have seen He is PRESIDENT of the bronx El presidentai of burnouts! hahaha Love your work pagey! Still waiting for a skid from you mate.... Not that I/we do anything like that. . . . Gagebrook is a shit hole its true but you will find police have more problems with the ppl living in low econmic area's near town.