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  1. Some times gets used

    swap me for my 18" chrome thingys that I forget the name of... they have a less aggressive offset and look similar to the kf
  2. Some times gets used

    Was just over the tread when I had it , wasn't 4 inches off the ground that's for sure! Def never scraped, porta power made sure of that! . Do some skids
  3. Some times gets used

    lol , max low and not drive like shit with springs that may aswell just take coilovers out and weld bars in their place? . It drove nice a few years back , had 500kg worth of people in it without scrapage once , was only half an inch higher... no kit , vskf back on so everyone knows what you did to a nice car and then I might start looking for those skirts you wanted
  4. Some times gets used

    I have , will take pictures for you if you like
  5. Some times gets used

    it didnt, super squirmy! have been tossing up between those and mu HC+'s! already onto some semi's! and think they are sold, so it wont see the track for atleast 6-9 weeks haha. will buy some links for the sway bay at some point soon also! was it you who through the entire tune agent catalog at the car? Pretty much , told you I spent a bit on it Had a good mate take the cage out because some idiot welded a bolt in cage , was only coming out for reg , i was pretty Devo when he told me he cut it out like that , then the cage disappeared
  6. Some times gets used

    No sway bar probably helped , qfm ar1m brake pads , fresh fluid will do , I can't remember whether it has 32 or 33 front calipers , you want 33 . Look for some cheap semis , don't even have to be new , as long as they're still round , they're different to most road tyres . The zeal coilovers should be fine for track use (for now) , with the softer springs of course
  7. Some times gets used

    I agree , buy a drivers side guard instead . Although , those oni would look good as rears
  8. Some times gets used

    Track only makes me sad , so hard to find dodgy ais these days . I didn't have too much of a problem with the rails , I put the car back to near stock looking for reg though , that was a challenge , poor ceff lost so many bits lol
  9. Some times gets used

    I don't recall any movement in any rack i have ever put in! , if you're buying new rack bushes , buy solid ones! , s14 rack is smaller than 13?
  10. Some times gets used

    oh Bugger , those rails were my biggest problem , they would be in no better condition now , you might have to get them capped
  11. Some times gets used

    did the rego lapse or did you get defected? it was a .... challenge ... to get it registered in the first place , i had to change so many things lol
  12. Muski's Rocketbunny S14

    why not? wouldn't you just buy a s1? , im not picking on the car , it would have to be the first s2 with an s1front lol.
  13. Muski's Rocketbunny S14

    why change to the s1 front?
  14. Some times gets used

    Damn , did you tick the gold plated option or something!
  15. kris's A31 Cefiro

    f**k , i can't see the vid on my phone