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  1. Shift light install

    Just wondering which wire i need to splice into to get a signal to my new shift light i'm installing ???
  2. Shift light install

    Dude i already have the instructions on how to hook up the gauge lol. I'm wanting to know if anyone knows which wire is the tacho signal in a 180sx, and if they splice into it down near the ecu or behind the gauge cluster.
  3. My Sileighty aka Noah

    G'day guy's and girls. Just thought i would show you some pic's of my 1994 Sileighty which my 4yr old daughter named Noah lol So far she's got... Engine & Performance: Running factory boost Pod filter S15 side mount 3” exhaust from the turbo back Walbro 255 fuel pump Exterior: Aero front bar S13 brick headlights Nismo side skirts Type x lower rear pods and type x rear lights Standard rear spoiler removed holes filled and re-sprayed Hanbai 17” x 9.5” in the rear and 17” x 8.5” in the front Handling: BC Racing ER Series coilovers with external canisters Cusco strut braces front and rear GKtech adjustable castor arms Interior: Some form of stereo system with a sub (i prefere listening to the wastegate flutter so it won't see much use) GKTECH dish wheel Original 180sx floor mats Future mods will most likely be... Personalised plates (ordered) Front mount Ebc Shim the diff More as funds permit
  4. My Sileighty aka Noah

    Yeah it doesn't really dose loud anymore with the Hypergear turbo, or maybe it does but i can't hear it with the straight through exhaust.
  5. My Sileighty aka Noah

    No trophy this year at Jamboree, but i did manage 3rd overall out of 47 cars entered in my race class. Also managed a new PB of 12.2 @ 114mph
  6. What's the easiest way to drain the fuel tank in a 180sx ???
  7. Draining fuel tank in 180sx

    I would if my tank had a drain plug.
  8. My Sileighty aka Noah

    New tyres
  9. My Sileighty aka Noah

    Quick update !!! New seat Retune done Drag radial tyres ordered

    Want a drivers race seat on low rails to suit S13 Show me what you've got.

    Sent you a pm
  12. My Sileighty aka Noah

    You racing Jambo ???
  13. My Sileighty aka Noah

    Yeah they are real Bride reps.
  14. My Sileighty aka Noah

    UPDATE !!! I will let the pics do the talking, still got plenty to do before Jamboree.
  15. Drag Wheels

    Ok so I'm currently running 205/60/R15 tyres on stock 180sx 4 stud rims at the drags. With 170kw atw these are hooking up quite well after a nice burnout (keep in mind the tyres are treated with octopus grip tyre softner) Once I fit the hypergear turbo and get a retune I should be pushing around 220kw atw. I'm worried the current rear tyres aren't going to hook up very well with the extra 50kw. Everyone says to get drag radials but they aren't that cheap at like $400 each. I was thinking about possibly getting wider steel rims and fitting a wider street tyre, but I still want to keep the tyre at a 60 profile. What sort of tyres would I fit under my sil80 with the pictured steelies ??? Any help would be great
  16. Drag Wheels

    225/60/R15 tyres aren't dear ??? I don't like 50 profile tyres for drag racing either, more sidewall is what you want.
  17. Seam sealer

    Is it bad to remove all the visible seam sealer in a 180sx track car ???
  18. Seam sealer

    Yeah I'm just grinding it back to the join, not digging it out of the seams.
  19. Stripped interior

    Anyone on here running a fully stripped interior in their 180sx ???
  20. Stripped interior

    Yeah it's currently registered but soon to be a drag and powercruise car. Just had a few questions for someone with a fully stripped car.
  21. S15 drivers seat

    Got a S15 drivers seat for sale $100. Pick up Springfield Lakes.
  22. S13 Parts - Shed Clearout

    2up covers new ??? What's the lowest you'll take mate.
  23. Just wondering if some blokes running HyperGear turbos on their SR'S using standard manifolds could post some pictures of how their cooler piping is running to the turbo. Just trying to get an idea of how i'm going to hook everything up with my new turbo.
  24. I would rather change the piping than weld an elbow onto the compressor housing.
  25. My Sileighty aka Noah

    No, it's so neat. So you going to start doing more sprints and stuff? Just drag racing and powercruise Rob.