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  1. Selling my 19 inch Rays. They came off my M35 Stagea and are selling due to moving to 18s for comfort levels (must be getting old). Currently the wheels are in the garage so can be bought and picked up asap. They are stunning looking wheels that are now very hard to find and in amazing condition. Specs: 19 x 8 +40 offset 5 x 114.3 Rays G-Sport 99B. Ultra light for 19s (9kg each) 1 rim has some slight gutter rash (seen in pictures) but the rest are perfect. 1 missing Rays center cap (seen in pictures). Comes with 4 tyres (235/35 R 19) on them all with approx 90% tread. Price: $1700 (or willing to swap for R34 GTR Wheels and Tyres in similar condition) Location: Reynella (SA) Contact: You can PM me on here or for a faster reply, call or text 0455 498 666.
  2. 19 inch Rays G Sport 99B wheels.

  3. 19 inch Rays G Sport 99B wheels.

    Have ordered some 18s so no longer want to swap. But I do need to pay for tyres so the wheels are going to $1300 to pay for new tyres. Cheapest Genuine 19 inch Rays i've seen in a long time... and they come with tyres and wheels are in great condition.
  4. why u no 5 stud!!! beautiful wheels benny..... got my hope up for a second to go on the s15... then realised 4 stud
  5. 19 inch Rays G Sport 99B wheels.

    Due to Tax Time Money.... these rims are now $1400 or swaps for some 18s.
  6. if you do end up parting out separately.... id be interested in the headlights. aka.... you sell.. i buy now
  7. 19 inch Rays G Sport 99B wheels.

    Price Drop to $1600 or swap for 18s.
  8. 19 inch Rays G Sport 99B wheels.

    Wheels are still for sale. Price is Negotiable.
  9. Ben Simpson Memorial Cruise

    i loved your car dude. i was behind u most of the cruise in the orange r31. your car sounds nice and sticks to the road really well. I was happy where i was in the pack as i was around drivers i felt confident they wernt idiots and knew how to drive. Made for a good cruise. Always going to be a few idiots doing burnouts leaving meet points etc, lets just hope the cops pick on them and not the people who were being good. All in all it was a good cruise. Fun to take my car out for a drive even if it wasnt confortable and hot in there. Big thankx to mark and jules and dylan is a little champ.... even if that big mean bundy bear did scare him alittle.
  10. axles for r31

    u could always just get the 4 to 5 hub adaptors. i run them on the rear and they work a treat plus give the rear a nice offset.
  11. Autosalon 07 Sneak Peak

    i gotta say a big thankx to Lise (yes dan that is lise in that photo), sarah (lowgrl) and ella who did a great job for me at autosalon. i got some very nice photos on my car. big congrats to amy sutton who won miss autosalon. i really have to laugh at alot of people on here saying the promo girls were shit.... im seeing a few guys saying they r shit when i look back at what they have dated (and in some cases they havnt had a girl in a long time). I wanna know why people complain about going to autosalon and wasting their money year after year yet they keep going back each year and complain. Either they have no braincells or think is "cool" to complain. bunch of f**king whingers if u ask me. Complain cars r shit yet u keep going back, complain the girls r shit yet couldnt get a girl anywhere close to dating sumthing like that. If u think its that bad.... DONT GO!!!!! its not rocket science
  12. 14 car pileup on south road

    btw it ended up being 17 cars and 5 caravans
  13. Man your the wanker. If he doesn't want to sell a performance car to young kids, then that's his choice. i don't see why you had to ring up and abuse him. I didn't sell one of my cars to this guy one time because he knew nothing about cars, and i knew by what he was saying he was going to trash it. Because of the time and effort i put into it, I told him no deal. i agree there. when selling my old car sum kid wanted it as his first car and was all like i want to take this car, be a great flex it through the hills car. im like hmmm this kid is gonna ruin it. so i didnt let him buy it. ended up selling it to anotehr kid who lived out in the country and his dad was a car enthusiast as well so i knew it would be treated well. the kid i sold it to was quite excited to have a car and was very thankful to his dad who bought it for him. and thankfully i still see it around every now and then and its still looking nice.
  14. 3d modeling

    i use maya 7. its a great program but farken hard to use but it is the best program out there for character and scenes. if ur looking into making animated movies and not so much cars then maya is the go by far. if u cant get ur head around 3Ds max then dont even bother with maya
  15. im a student so i earn around 12 k a year in the past 12 months spent around 10k on mods on the car. basically all my pay goes into petrol money or the car.
  16. 2007 G1 Round 1 highlights Video

    hahaha to joels sexy time at then end of this video!!!!
  17. haha ahh u were that guy behind me...... was a good run at times. wasnt pushing on edge... the heat was killing the boost awsome cruise and big thankx to the 'olds' and anyone who organised even the small parts.
  18. Not from me!!!!!!! hahaha looks like benny is responsible for "hand releif" duties then And Kat's the one that'll have to clean herself up afterwards.......... MOLEST *kicks benny in the nuts... There you won't be able to produce any more Problem solved!!! the world is now a better place. future generations saved..... and its funny benny getting kicked in the nuts.

    you cant beleive how wrong u r right there. You gotta remember it really is a burnout,v8, bogan festival. the drift was a small part of it really (but fark it was great to watch). The burnout people and the jack daniels team all said the event was great and the setup and layout of everything was great. This event i reckon will be around for awhile. The saftey wasnt there really and i agree it has to improve.... but it just proves how good the guys drove to be that crazy yet do it safely.
  20. ordered full FMIC kit last wednesday.... had it by today (monday). All perfect and great prize. 100% from me yay
  21. Sly R31

    can i just ask why u called this thread SLY R31....especially in SA when there is already a true SLY 031. still a nice clean example of a 31
  22. i had a 3 inch cat piped (with the cat casing over the top). Good flames and did change the sound of the car alot. i got pulled over and defected and they looked under the car at the exhaust and saw the cat casing and that was it. just when i wetn to regency i put a stock exhaust system back on. ive done it before and im damn well gonna do it again.
  23. removing window tint

    PAY!!! err it takes 10 mins and is easy as piss. i used to have to do them at a car yard. when i first started it took 20 mins for 4 side windows. dont pay its a waste of $100.
  24. Yay it's my Gemini

    btw with the mags they have sumhow changed the name of them i think the commo people now call them interceptors or sumthing like that.
  25. Yay it's my Gemini

    the rb30e fits into the gemi quite nicly needs a little bit of work to get it in. with the coils... u will be spending over 2 g to have them in ur car. I paid $2600 but that was with a camber kit so i could fit the mags under there. i reckon the SLE rims looked nice on there. i had 15 inch SLE rims on mine. the G1800 was a great engine. can be bored out abit as well. i blew mine up trying to get up my driveway in the wet one day. that so wasnt fun. mine was a mild setup gemi and i still managed to keep up with alot of cars through the hills. on the straights though it was a differant story lol