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  1. Don't listen to P-mod he has no idea... just get a $5 boost T and turn it up for your 350 kw's
  2. Make sure the sensor is Earthed, your probably running a inline gauge sensor connecter, and because its got rubber hose either side of it, its not Earther. So simply run a cable form the outside of the sensor to the chassis, try that and hope that fixes your problem. or just get a mate to hold some wire from bottom of sensor to Earth of battery or good chassis earth point.
  3. sr20 lacking power!

    Standard turbo can handle 17psi? thats more than I'd expect?
  4. 180sx, r33 r34 parts cheap garage clean out sale

    yeah I know, and don't even thing about shipping, I got a quote form here to act was around $220!
  5. DUNLOP SPORTS SP 3000 235 45 17

    Think you could put them on the highway and roll them down to Geelong? lol
  6. Have for sale heaps of stuff - Located in Geelong 3222, can post. PM me, or send a txt 0466 103 384 Prices as follows - Twin 12" thermo fans, with radiator shroud (bolts onto factory and aftermarket radiators) - $60 R34 gtt radiator - $40 R33 s2 gtst headlights, good condition -$350 for the pair R34 gtt rear seats - $150 R33 front rad support $50 R34 springs $20 R34 front pipe $5 R33 s2 gtst standard air box + filter + intake pipe (rubber) - $30 R33 s2 top secrete fibre glass front bar $200 each (brand new) R34 standard gauges - volts, oil, boost. $50 4 x 180sx standard wheels, excellent tread, $80 R33 s2 gtst standard air flow metre, (good for 230kw) don't waste money on a z32! $50 Walbro 255 fuel pump, will fit S chassis, skylines etc etc. $80 R33 injectors - $30
  7. Excess turbo lag on t28bb, why?

    Do a wet and dry compression test, report back on your findings.
  8. WRX vs. Skyline

    wrx, i have skyrice and its not a daily, anything over 15 years old will probably handle like a pig tho
  9. Turbo Laws NSW-s15s

    Feel kinda sorry for you young dudes, because its the blokes between ages of 24-28 that have ruined it for you. When I was 18-21 I had a 351 falcon ute, turbo ford caprice, and a 180sx and I think I received around 5 fines the entire time, not bad!
  10. My tooona told me not to block my bov, but infact to leave the factory bov recirc setup, I however would really like to block it. mods - power fc, z32, high flowed turbo, 1400 Xspurts, etc... Why couldn't I block it off John? My tooooona said exactly what you said, except they said it in regards to using the power fc.
  11. Deon's Chaser [SEIZED]

    Yeah I had a screamer form ebay, it was rubbish, leaked and sounded like a tractor on idle. Hope yours doesn't have this problem.
  12. S15 not reaching full boost

    Yeah Theres your problem.