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  1. Twitchy rear end?

    He said that he does, but there are still bushes in Toe/Traction/Camber/LCA arms, as well as the bushes in the hubs that could be worn. I can see where the mechanic is coming from regarding the stock suspension and the 10mm increased track each side. The rubber of the stock struts will be under tension, whereas the pillowball joint of an aftermarket coilover will not. If done properly though all the arms should have been loosened and re tightened in the neutral position to prevent any tension on the stock rubber bushings. I would be jacking it up and checking for any play horizontal and vertical through the hub. There shouldnt be any movement. If not i would suspect problems with the rear toe...
  2. S14 sr20det t28 laggy

    Yeah I have a manual boost controller. The crack is only about 5mm long, so not very big.
  3. S14 sr20det t28 laggy

    Yeah Ive heard of a vct gear wearing out and ticking but never stuck in the retarded position... Ive aligned the cas correctly, checked multiple times before fitting the rocker cover. I will have to try putting the back pressure gauge on or removing the exhaust. But was told it wouldnt even make 14psi boost if it was blocked? Just made a boost leak tester, will have to try it out this arvo. There was a crack in the turbine housing where the wastegate flapper sealed but didnt think it would make that much of a difference??
  4. Hey guys, recently took my car to the tuner after my rebuild. The cars a s14 sr20det 9.0 comp with a t28 on 14psi. He started to tune it but realised it wasnt coming on full boost until 4000rpm and it should be there by 3250-3500rpm. Any ideas what would make it lag this much? He mentioned it may be the vtc gear stuck or the cat being blocked. Seems really odd
  5. R33 rear brakes on s14

    Ok guys worked out the the knuckle is bent. Must have it a gutter at some stage. Anyone know if s15 rear knuckles are the same. I'm guessing they are...
  6. R33 rear brakes on s14

    No cracks in the knuckles, everything looks good I don't know why it's touching
  7. R33 rear brakes on s14

    Also would anyone know the stock length for traction rods in a s14?
  8. R33 rear brakes on s14

    There's a picture, the rear does need a wheel alignment because it does have a lot of toe out for some reason. Not sure about camber specs but looks alright. Not sure if this would fix it though, and don't want to run heaps of camber in the rear
  9. R33 rear brakes on s14

    I looked at that and it wasn't rubbing on the originals. On the old ones the backing plate indents a bit to give more clearance. And can do so because the rotor is so much thinner
  10. So I did a rear brake upgrade on my s14 a while ago. I fitted r33 Gtst rear brake assy. The RH rica is pushing the backing plate into the rotor. Never noticed it till the other day when I jacked up and the wheel didn't spin freely. I thought it was the handbrake dragging at first. So I removed the wheel, and rotor moved freely. Worked out it was the rlca pushing against the backing plate when the wheel was bolted up. Anyone done this upgrade and had the same problem? I've checked the balljoints for play but they are still good. Only happens on Rh side although I can see a mark on Lh side when it has rubbed.
  11. Have you removed the ecu? It has the numbers on a sticker on it
  12. S15 setup + turbo choice

    Has anyone tried the gtx29xx series turbos yet? Cant find anything on them to decide which one of the 3 would be best?
  13. Just wondering if the diff pinion length is the same between the non abs and abs diffs. Can i swap the insides from other r200 into my s14s housing? Want to get rid of my 3.6 diff gears :/
  14. Sr20 sumps

    I bought a HFM sump. Fitted first time and leaked through spot missed on inside weld. I pulled it off an tacked it with mig, retty sure it still leaks a bit. Could be warped, but didnt check...
  15. Sr running lean

    No manifold leaks or a screamer. Will try unplugging the factory 02 sensor today. I was suspecting the compression had something to do with it. But can't get my head around why it would be lean when it has the same air and fuel going in but the engine it just compressing it more? From what pmod has said I'm thinking I'll just take it into the tuner and get remapped soon. Thanks for the help guys.