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  1. 180SX in Western Sydney

    Nah. I was going to but I didn't have the free time to do it. So my dad trailered it across for me. One day though.
  2. 180SX in Western Sydney

    Future plans are most likely some mods to get hopefully around the 300HP mark while being reliable, just saving up funds though. Apprentice Wages
  3. Hey Everyone, I thought I should make a post. I've been Lurking around here for a while. originally I'm from Perth but moved to NSW with my 180sx, Still running my WA Plates and License for the SR20DET As she sits now
  4. Wanted: 180sx Fenders - $100

    Price : $100 Condition : Used Hey I'm in need of 180sx fenders ASAP preferably in black. Hopefully cheaper than what I can get on Ebay. Text me photo's and information on what you have and the price you're chasing. Cheers