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  1. None at all, it's been running e85 for over a year now.
  2. With what fuel pump? Walbro 255
  3. Non vct sr20, tomei procams, hypergear ss1.5 225kw on 98/260kw on united e85
  4. I made 260rwkw on e85 with 740s, 255 and stock fpr. If I was to do it again I'll go top feed injectors, adjustable fpr and 460. If you want to stay side feeds go 740s, adjustable fpr and bigger walbro.
  5. I'm in the process of ditching the SR and going RB25 in my 180, as RBs tend to run hot and with the limited space in a S chassis engine bay it can be a pain to keep them cool. The car will be a daily/drift car as having 2 cars at the moment is not an option anymore. Now my question is for those out there that daily there rb25 powered silvia, do you have A/C? If yes, how did you overcome the cooling issues? What's your cooling setup? Thermos, clutch fan, what size radiator, etc Any advice would be great
  6. Valve Float

    Unless it sounds like a rex and running on 3 cylinders, it wouldn't be a broken rocker arm. Broke mine in 3 pieces about a week ago at the last track day, thought it was a coilpack until I pulled the rocker cover off.
  7. +4 for Mark @ MRC. Wouldn't go anywhere else
  8. Two Tone S13 Silvia Journal

    I thought it looked familiar, until my suspicions were confirmed when I saw my car in the last photo lol white 180. Such a simple, yet awesome build
  9. I'll give it a go, even though I'm hopeless at anything electrical. Might just end up giving it to an electrician. But I do want to test out the cluster swap before that Thanks for the advice
  10. Once the 180 is retuned, that is definitely the setup the s15 will get
  11. Hey guys, Got a bit of an issue at the moment, dash lights on the s15 have completely turned off, the strange thing is the battery light on the dash was coming on/off randomly before that happened, which points at a faulty alternator even though it was charging at 13-14v. I have done everything that I could think off to pinpoint the issue, unfortunately no success which is why I'm turning to the experts on here to point out something I must have overlooked. The following have been changed/check: - all fuses are ok (tail lights/ac lights work when headlights are on) - new battery by previous owner, cleaned connections (positive/negative terminals) - reconditioned alternator to eliminate any issues with it - took cluster off and cleaned connectors, checked the little T5 bulbs, all A-ok - played with the dash light dimmer (thought it could be a rookie mistake but no luck) pulled it apart and gave it a clean and still nothing - checked wiring looms under guards, can not see any rubbing as the splash guard is still intact and the car is on stock wheels, and not low at all. The only other thing that can come to mind is the entire cluster could be cooked and will need replacing. Any help would be appreciated
  12. Awesome result on the blue s15. Care to share what mods it has?
  13. I'm not really looking for huge gains, I know it will be very little, if any. Reason I'm changing my setup is to prepare for a turbo upgrade
  14. Running a greddy oled ebc, but might switch to turbosmart eboost...