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  1. 1993 Nissan Pulsar Gti-r - $7,500

    Make : NISSAN PULSAR Transmission : Manual Kilometres : 171000 Price : $7,500 Condition : Used Hey guys, Up for sale is my 1993 Candy Red GTi-R. The car is in great condition for it's age and stays strong throughout the rev range. Reason: I am recieving a company car from work as I work at a dealership and have no space for the toy. 171,000kms. APEX'i Power FC with hand controller APEX'i Pod Filter Intake HKS Boost controller (8psi / 14psi) - adjustable in-car HKS SSQV BOV FMIC painted black and fit behind bumper ( legal ) Walbro upgraded OEM pump Uprated fuel pressure regulator Tanabe coilovers all around Q45 uprated MAF sensor Only problem I have run into recently is the driver's side CV inner joint makes a click only on hard braking intermittently. Looking for around $8500 but I am happy to negotiate for serious buyers. PRICE DROP FOR THIS WEEK $7500! Give me a call on 0404-354-359 and let me know, we can sort everything out.
  2. Baby Godzilla Problems.

    Thank you two for your comments, does anyone have any hands on experience at all? Let me know, still a few days out until I attempt to remove engine.
  3. Baby Godzilla Problems.

    Thanks for your post Senor Commander If anyone else has anyone prior experiences or comments please note them down as all information is helpful for me Regards
  4. Baby Godzilla Problems.

    I shall do the head gasket and water pump when I take motor out.. if I need to take motor out. If I don't need to take motor out then just doing the head at this point in time will do.
  5. Baby Godzilla Problems.

    Hey guys, First off. How are we all? Now most importantly, my question to you all If you have nothing nice to say, please don't say it. Alright so I have a Nissan Pulsar GTI-R. It skipped a tooth on the chain and basically I need to replace tensioner. I have chosen to replace tensioner, chain and all three guides and am currently awaiting arrival from Japan. Is there anyone that has done this either with engine in car or out of car? I was hoping that I could get this done at home over a weekend but considering I work most of the weekend, should I just apply for some time off and attempt to do this? If anyone has any hands on experience then that would be perfect and I would be immensely appreciative. Thank you all for your time, Kind regards, C-G
  6. Anyone put 15x8 +10 wheels on eg?

    You will need to roll guards a little bit but man that offset is way too aggresive.. but to each their own. Okay, roll guards and get some camber arms to run some negative camber. You will need to stretch some tyres onto those rims otherwise you will have clearance issues - you are looking at running 195 MAXIMUM. Let us know how it goes.