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  1. Hi guys, Have been fixing/modding a few things on my '99 JDM Spec R S15. Finally got it in for a tune and on the dyno. Results are in pic below: - Pink is before - Green is 98 - Red is E85 I'm wondering about a few things though... Can you guys provide some insight? (1) Absolute level of power seems to be quite low 3750-4000 revs (2) Takes a while to actually see decent power (until 4000) revs (3) The peak KW with 98 I think is quite low for a jdm s15 with the mods been done (list below). I make these observations after looking at quite a few dyno runs of jdm s15s with various sets of mods. Mods (and fix-up) lis - Nistune - Boost controller, running 17psi - Front mount intercooler - HKS pod filter - Full exhaust - Stock turbo (GT28R) - Nismo injectors - Upgraded fuel pump - HKS cold air intake - Replaced head gasket and full engine gasket kits - 260/266 Kelford cams, KVS93 valve springs
  2. Moved from ACT to VIC.. Insurance so expensive! :(

    I checked.. when i turn 25 it only goes down by $100 So lame.
  3. I moved from Canberra to Melbourne and had to renew my insurance for the year just recently... I changed my address to my new one in Melbourne and my premium went up from $1050 to $1970!!! There isn't much of a different due to the suburb i'm in, it simply seems to be that victorians dislike silvia's more.... because i can insure a 200sx for only $1300. When i first bought my jdm there was only like $50 difference between it and an adm in canberra, but the difference in melb is huge! Anyone else found themselves in this situation? Is it worth comprehensive insuring still? Or just third party fire and theft? Just not sure if i'd really do more than $3500 in damage unless I wrote it off (which I think is my only risk above $3500 of damage? or am i being naive) Here's the details: Comprehensive: $1970 premium per year, plus a $1400 almost excess (so like $3500 all up if i had an accident that year) Third party fire and theft: $417 JDM 1999 Nissan Silvia Spec R Female, 24 yrs No previous claims etc
  4. Price : $400 Condition : Used Willing to buy a complete no holes intercooler kit with piping etc for my S15 Silvia. Let me know what price, happy for pick up or to pay for postage.
  5. Is the ACT bad for Defects? Looking at moving there soon

    I just got my S15 Silvia rego inspected around 4 months ago in the ACT after buying it in VIC. All JDM cars have to go through the government inspection station at dickson as of July 1st... It can be a bit of a bugger from what i've heard as they're super picky and almost love failing people. Butttttt..... being a girl maybe helped me because although I had a heap of things I knew I'd be failed on (i just took it in to get a list so I could go home and fix it up) I ended up passing miraculously!!!! You're allowed pod filters as long as they're correctly mounted, turbo timers so long as the car stalls when the handbrake is taken off, guages so long as they don't obscure sight... pretty much no exhaust system will get through though. If you come in with a pink bonnet they may go over the car with a fine tooth comb... And you will not get away with a pink bonnet for very long... Anyways, good luck!
  6. Hi guys, Got a 3" cat back on my spec R Silvia S15 at the moment, want to upgrade to turbo back... What recommendations for high flow cats and dump/front pipes.... Stainless steel? Mandrel bent? Dump/Front pipes as separate parts or ok as the one part? Brands? I don't want to spend heaps of $$, but don't want something rubbish either.
  7. S15 Silvia Front Car Seats - $150

    Price : $150 Condition : Used BUMP
  8. S15 Silvia Front Car Seats - $150

    Price : $150 Condition : Used BUMP
  9. S15 Silvia Front Car Seats - $150

    Price : $150 Condition : Used S15 Silvia Front Car Seats Pulled these out of my 1999 Spec R Silvia S15 They've got that kinda navy tinge in them. Fully functional, but some discolouring/wear on the base of the seats and a rip on the drivers side side panel (see pics) Will sell as a pair ($150) or single ($80) Pickup Only
  10. S15 6th Gear Whine

    Thanks guys! I'll change the oil over with the redline and chuck the additive in and see how it goes first.
  11. S15 6th Gear Whine

    Hi guys, I have a 1999 Nissan Silvia S15, around 130,000kms. I know the s15 gear boxes are generally pretty crap, and mine is probably no exception. It's quite in all other gears, but in 6th gear it has a really loud whine... so it crushes my soul whenever I use 6th gear. It is especially loud if I accelerate under load or at low revs, but is still quite loud even just cruising along at 100kms/hr.. after 110kms/hr its not tooooo bad. Does anyone know what this is? Is there anything I can do to reduce the noise? Different transmission fluid or something?
  12. Price : $250 Condition : Used Genuine C's 6 speed short shifter for s15 - Hard to find Compatible with Nissan Silvia and 200sx S15's $250 + approx $20 registered postage A lot cheaper than what I bought it for Any 6 speed shifter for an s15 is incredibly difficult to find. C's is a great brand, and a great shifter and so these are so hard to come by. All parts are included though the box is not. I have a great link to instructions for installation as well (with pictures!) Feel free to contact any time via email or SMS.