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  1. I own a Scooby because I like the fact it has been developed from years of rally testing and tweaking. Browsing the web I found a car called the Deathstar Subi, a black STI fitted with air suspension. It does look great, but would you make the swap knowing the stock suspension has been developed over two decades? Check out my blog and the video of the Deathstar Subi playing in the snow.
  2. DRIVE/ On The 2015 STI

    I'm a massive fan of Jalopnik and the DRIVE/ youtube channel. Here, they spend 30 minutes on the STI. What do you guys think of the 2015 STI? I think the styling screams Scooby and they've done a great job all round. Gargling Gas... because cars have feelings too
  3. Subaru WRX cold air intake?

    Really easy to do and your engine will thank you. Gargling Gas... because cars have feelings too
  4. 97 WRX Wagon

    Regarding the BOV. I performed the intake silencer delete on both of my Subis. You hear the turbo spool and the stock valve hiss. It's not too loud and I've had no adverse affects for over 2 years.
  5. Classified Forums : the new beginning

    I think it looks pleasing to the eye. Some might not like change, but with everything, people get used to it. Good work
  6. I'm a massive fan of sleeper cars and until recently I hadn't heard of the Nissan Micra/March Superturbo. I love it so much I had to blog about it: Nissan Micra Superturbo It's a shame it isn't RWD; I'd have tried to drift it
  7. My Plans For A Drift Build

    I wrote this article on a Drift Build I am planning on doing at some point. I love the Nissan 180SX (UK) and would love any advice on buying a used example from you experts.
  8. SpotMan's Clown Car & Jzx90 daily

    I think it looks f**king brilliant mate
  9. Greetings Drifters

    Just a heads up from the UK. Looking to build a 180SX drift car. Hoping to make some cool friends and get some great advice.