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  1. ********************FOR SALE 30k! ****************

    Dat torque It's a shame you're selling this though but on the plus side you've got one of my dream cars damn you lol

    I got linked this build through my own and I don't mean to bring this back from the dead but what's happened to this since 2010? Anything at all?
  3. S15 Spec R VVL kicked in YO

    Damn Aussie beat me to it haha. In terms of New Zealand though I don't know of any others that have been in the build before mine. I've seen a S14 before mine here but it isn't in full street trim [roll caged for example] and I quite often have New Zealanders ask me what it is and think I'm mistaking it for a SR20DET. @s15rocket: It would really depend on how far you want to go with your motor or if you can do most of it yourself. For example I've never done any sort of engine swap in my life, no wiring job on a engine and the only engines I've torn apart, checked, assembled and then started again were simple old school Toyota/Mazda/Ford engines from the 80's and very early 90's at my course training as I tried to get a mechanic job but fell through. The other thing to note is that from the SR20VET builds I've seen most people have forged their block and run just factory SR20VE heads with a change of retainers and springs, I would have done so myself if I knew I didn't need such an extreme head as I purchased it thinking I needed all that gear in it although I'm not complaining because now I'll hopefully be able to show up all these Kiwi's thinking their RB engines are far greater then a little ol SR haha. In terms of cash check your PM though
  4. S15 Spec R VVL kicked in YO

    Ironically got rung today for an update and one of them was that they've made a pipe to bolt on to the turbo lol. So there you go, something I wondered on my mind got answered without me even needing to ask lmao
  5. S15 Spec R VVL kicked in YO

    Cheers man . I'm a little bit lost as to what they're doing with the intake in to the turbo itself, e.g if there's going to be a pipe or if it's just going to be a straight pod filter. Would have thought there would be a pipe but I never got send one to polish up with all the rest of the intake.
  6. new Honda member's Project ek1 cxi

    Does VTEC kick in hard YO? I kid I kid. Awesome build man
  7. blingys SR20 R33 4 Door. quick build before matsuri

    Ah I see fair enough then lol
  8. blingys SR20 R33 4 Door. quick build before matsuri

    If possible, chuck a VE head on the SR. Similar performance as any RB motor and much lighter. Win win
  9. S15 Spec R VVL kicked in YO

    Yeah everyone does things differently
  10. S15 Spec R VVL kicked in YO

    Thanks man, it's been a long almost two years now from when I killed her haha
  11. S15 Spec R VVL kicked in YO

    I just watched a video on St Hitecs Facebook page [well known tuning shop here in NZ] with a SR20VET making 466hp on factory head, forged block. Not too sure what fuel but turbo looked close to size of mine so things should definitely be interesting
  12. S15 Spec R VVL kicked in YO

    I wanted everything still functioning as it would do from the factory [bar the things you actually don't need what so ever such as AFM when running my type of ECU]. This is what I've been up to this week hasn't come up too badly for a home job. Intake manifold getting polished more though as some spots didn't come up the way I would have liked
  13. S15 Spec R VVL kicked in YO

    Yeah well that's actually what I thought myself since I won't be running over 20psi on pump fuel and if I am, it wouldn't be much over that but ah well shit happens I guess lol
  14. S15 Spec R VVL kicked in YO

    Yeah the first SR20 one that was ordered didn't quite fit so I think they then had to order a specific one that would fit after that. It'll be factory compression. I was going to use 9:1 pistons for a little extra torque down low but was advised not to
  15. S15 Spec R VVL kicked in YO

    Cheers man Headgasket from memory was a SR20 cometic one I think they've used
  16. S15 Spec R VVL kicked in YO

    Loom just about done now
  17. First-timer Build

    f**king hell $500 for that is cheap! These would easily sell even in this condition here in NZ for a thousand or two
  18. S15 Spec R VVL kicked in YO

    Old vs new oil cooler fittings. Huge difference in not just the shape but also how much better the oil will be flowing through the new ones in comparison
  19. S15 Spec R VVL kicked in YO

    Cheers man
  20. S15 Spec R VVL kicked in YO

    I don't think months would solve it, more like years lol
  21. S15 Spec R VVL kicked in YO

    Exactly right, we don't have it on pump here unless you drive all the way to the single pump station that does have it and of course it just has to be in bloody Auckland haha [a good six hours drive from where I live] I wish we did though