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  1. Hey Guys, Couldn't find much on this. I guess most people just rip out the standard piping and get the set up that goes through the battery tray area. My intercooler uses the standard pipes and some of the rubber joiner hoses are degrading. Just wondering if people knew where to find replacements, more specifically for the one that connects to the throttle body (as shown below). It's a weird kinda shape. The one from the turbo doesn't seem too hard to get, just a right angle.. Cheers.
  2. Price : $10 Condition : Used Want to buy a sun roof cover for my 180sx. Plz contact me with info on location, condition (with photos) and price. Cheers, James
  3. Hi guys, I've been looking at these formus for a while now hunting around for advice etc and decided it was time to make an account and share my stories with you all. I bought this very clean 180sx from a friend a few months ago. I'm aiming to get my suspension all super nice and go from there. Hoping to get to some time attack days in the near future