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  1. Haltech PS1000 ECU LOOM and BOOST SOLENOID

    Will you take 1300 for it all buddy
  2. 3" SR20 Intercooler Piping

    What model 200sx is the piping made for
  3. Can the old haltech e8 run the flex fuel sensor and take advantage of using mixed fuels? Also Is there any highly recommend features on the platinum series ecu that the e series doesn't have? Keep in mind this car is mainly street but looking for around 350rwkw
  4. Injector sizing with E85?

    Awesome. Thanks for the heads up! I Really appreciate it
  5. Injector sizing with E85?

    really.... i saw them and couldn't believe the price. i just automatically thought at that price that there would have to be idle issues and tuning issues! Though i have found on numerous occasions that overly priced parts are not worth the money all the time. well iff you are personally running them and have no problems i cant really say no
  6. i was wondering if anyone could give me a some information on what size injectors they think would be needed to make 360rwkw on E85 without being at 110%? from what i have read i would be looking at a minimum of 1400cc injectors. does anyone have some suggestions on brands aswell? i have been looking at the ID range they are redone bosch injectors but they are quite pricey any input would be greatly appreciated
  7. matching intercooler to your power

    thanks for that everyone really appreciate it
  8. Old add all parts sold

    is the blitz intercooler still for sale?
  9. matching intercooler to your power

    And you have had no problems with fitment or lag or leaks ect?
  10. matching intercooler to your power

    Anyone else have anything to say lol?
  11. S15, R33/34 Parts for sale cheap

    The blitz intercooler sold?
  12. matching intercooler to your power

    Whats your kit mate
  13. I've been reading some of the past forums and people keep recommending the blitz intercoolers, so I thought ide trust the majority opinion and go with that brand. But my question is would the blitz Se intercooler kit with a core size of 620 x 266 x 76mm support approx 350rwkw? Also would you suggest just buying the cooler and getting custom pipes done up to install as I see you should be matching your piping to your setup. I have a 3076 and na 60 mm throttle body so would the pipes that come in the kit likely be usable? )
  14. gaskets questions

    Thanks for that mate.