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  1. tranmissions

    Ok so I went into my genral fish shop that sell fish, outside I seen a r33 skyline with a semi auto transmission, I didn't even know you could change your car to semi out, can someone give me info on it, don't want to here just get a manual tho please
  2. tranmissions

    cheers justcars did do it shannons have to be in a car club!
  3. tranmissions

    Cant make a new topic :/ Trying to insure my car and no one will as its imported suggestions?
  4. tranmissions

    So you can't even buy a car that has had a diffrent engine put in?
  5. tranmissions

    Sorry havnt been on in awhile, I do plan on drag racing but not right away, I won't this set up as my gearbox is f**ked anyway slips out of gears dosnt go in first its f**ked, I drive it just like a manual and like the way it works! Another thing without me doing another post, my dad is the owner of the car atm as it is cheaper to insure and regerster now like I said at the start I want a rb25 in it and was told I couldn't do it being a p player, well im not the owner my dad is has full licence if I get a rb25 put in while its in his name then sigh it into my name can i still legaly drive it? Sorry for the swearing and if you don't understand me
  6. tranmissions

    Lol yeah, what's the transmission called like its name?
  7. tranmissions

    Thanks so much, would you know a price for that?
  8. tranmissions

    Thank you, can I do that in a 180sx, where in sa would I get a complete new body kit?
  9. tranmissions

    Without the clucth in 1st gear slowly let it out with some gas hate the shit can drive manaul but don't like them
  10. tranmissions

    Looking in the car? Had like the same type of style the smart car has asked the owner like I said and he just said yeah! Not sure if he was just answer quick cause he was at work or what but yeah, valve body im not a massive car person love cars don't know much tho, Here is what I want I don't care what people think, I like to drive my car through the gears its auto 1st 2nd 3rd OD just want to know if its possiable to get something like a manual with the 1st gear clutch out to go shit money is no problem so yeah ideas let me know
  11. tranmissions

    Had to ask the owner as I wasn't sure wtf it was and yeah he just said yeah to it being semi auto
  12. 180sx

    Ok, I just want to know how to get more power in my auto 180sx sr20de N\A needs to be p plate legal in south Australia and estimated price for all of it?
  13. 180sx

    In my opinion its good most people that crash and dye are aged 16 to 22 that's why the p plate law is 1 person from 16 to 22 for all them tags that think there cool I front of there friends yeah im drifting sick smash tree dead buried tears that's how it happens, the new laws are good I like them tbh you don't need a turbo or v8 if you want to drift buy land go there go to a track something other then actual roads!
  14. 180sx

    Cheers man I wasn't to sure if it was legal or not sucks it ain't but I'll just have to wait something to look forward to anyway, and no I don't mean you get your full licence at 25 I meant for a turbo and a v8 called sa transport I am correct no turbos or v8 until the age of 25!
  15. 180sx

    Sorry this silly amount of post thing is dumb, nah them p plate laws are in for Australia doing my p's atm man and my intructor said the laws are in now and its 2 years on p's and 1 on p 2 no driving 12 to 5am no passengers from 16 to 22 family is allowed there the new ones you can check your rego place to man, sorry didn't mean gone rude but I don't like Toyotas Nissans are my family car my brother has the r32 gtr and a friend that passed away was just starting to do up a r32, my brother is a big car person and wants to take out the sr20 and put in the sexy rb25, I know that's alot of $ and time but is it legal to do so?
  16. 180sx

    f**k Toyotas there shit, nah I I have been told by cops and rego place that the new laws are 25 years old for turbo or v8 even on full licence and now the p plate laws are 3 years on p's and p 2
  17. 180sx

    Yeah iv already done the small things, steeringwheel,o2 sensor, fuel pump and power steering pump put r32 seats in! All the simple things
  18. 180sx

    iM not much of a mechanic I wouldn't be able to fit anything or do anything man, and I don't have my p's yet im a month away already started my test so I can't get to places to do anything :\
  19. 180sx

    Till I get a turbo well that's like 7 years away as new Australia law 25 to have a turbo or v8, a conversion would cost the same as a full engine conversion wouldn't it?