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  1. I dont need to save the new world order shit for you tube. Its happening right in front of your eyes, and you are too stupid to see it.
  2. What do you mean i am making bullshit number to support my corrupt ways? In what way am i corrupt? Have you looked into why they spent millions on cameras and bankrupted the state? Because people were no longer speeding and now the cameras have to be everywhere for them to increase revenue. Only someone with no sense can keep supporting this government. And yeah we are talking about bush bashing in a paddock, but its a constant downward spiral. First you cant do this, then you cant do this NOW you cant do whatever you like on your own property. I think you are the one that needs to wake up to reality Eclipse, this amendment to the legislation is unconstitutional. And all it will take is one guy with some money in the bank to challenge in court and it will get thrown out like the rest of the bullshit draconian crap they keep coming up with. But by that stage its too late, THEY SPENT THE MILLIONS. So im all for freedom, not dictatorship. THANK YOU.
  3. You can argue this all you like. We need to stop this rampant government that is out of control, who think that they are above it all and we are just mindless sheep. Why doesnt someone look into ex Foleys expenses and how he was out in clubs every night buying drinks for all the females ON GOVERNMENT FUNDS, and then asking which ones would go home with him. Why doesnt someone look into why he really got smacked out. Same goes for Rann. I can list a few others who were blatantly braking the law but since all the grannies are sitting at home they will beleive the politicians that are feeding them crap thru the media noone wants to stand up and punish these criminals. Ever since this labour government went into power its been new world order. You have to understand your basic human rights are being imposed on, and your free thinking to do what you decide to do and be accountable for your own actions. Our taxpayer funds, what about all the fixed speed cameras they spent millions on, and since people are no longer speeding now they are bringing in other bullshit laws to pay for their own corrupt ways. A simple 5km over the speed limit now carries a penalty of $380. Are you kidding me? And they still dont have money. Accidents happen shit happens, if you dont want it to happen to you wrap yourself in bubble wrap please. You could trip over the steps and kill yourself, what are they gonna bring in fines for not being allowed to trip over the steps. How much are all these new laws costing us which are UNCONSTITUTIONAL. Look at the bikie bullshit, all it takes is one rich *milkshake* to take the government to court and thats it millions of taxpayer funds DOWN THE DRAIN. WAKE UP
  4. Gym wankers

    When it comes to my kids I will add as many of those as i like do you understand.
  5. Gym wankers

    I certainly do not derive pleasure from making fun or seeing anything funny in something that includes a mentally challenged person. You have no idea how mad you have made me with your comments!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Gym wankers

    My son has been diagnosed autistic. I seriously suggest you educate yourself rather than just being a internet troll and pretend that you know everything. That kids brain doesnt work like yours or mine and autistic kids cannot remember things sometimes. So your point about him being able to fix what he said in the first video is invalid, and you my friend are a complete and utter idiot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As for PT's not knowing the difference between a tricep and a bicep ARE YOU FOR REAL? You must go through human physiology in order to pass your course. Once again heresay and complete and utter bullshit and i am seriously doubting whether you people have experienced these things or simply trying to make yourself look cool by repeating crap you read on the interwebs.
  7. Gym wankers

    And this is funny how?
  8. How about this. If someone wants the government to hold their hand and then blame the driver for something which the passenger chose to do ie get in the passenger seat, then why dont we all just get hooked up to a central command and let someone else do the decision making for us. Cant anyone these days make their own decision about stuff. Does the government need to put their penny pinching ways into our property now too?
  9. What do you guys eat?

    I would like to know how does cross fit cause ANABOLIC AND TESTOSTERONE RELEASE?. Testosterone is an anabolic sex hormone responsible for a host of musculoskeletal functions as well as our sex drive and libido. Nearly all exercise damages muscle fibre, therefore the recovery is most prevalent while we sleep as Growth Hormone pulses are strongest while we are in REM sleep so growth hormone is responsible for repair or damaged muscle. Testosterone has a direct relation to the amount of saturated fat we take in, hence cholesterol is required to make testosterone. Not trying to be antagonistic, i really would like to know how cross fit can cause a large "anabolic and testosterone release", as we are all learning as we grow, so im all up for a good lesson in hormones in case i have missed something.
  10. What do you guys eat?

    Your diet affects your hormones. Macros, micro and phyto nutrients are all well and good, and they do give you the false beleif you can take in processed acidic foods, simple carbs like sugar and not gain fat. However, one has to look deeper into how the body works then just simple nutrition. Everything you put in your mouth affects hormones and these hormonal changes is what drives your lean muscle gains and fat burning capabilities. I read in this thread that 2L of Fanta a day belongs to the leanest person someone knows. Hmmm interesting, however how long before the body becomes insulin resistant, and eventually develop into type 2 diabetes?. If you are talking about nutrition, talk about it in the right sense of the word which means improving your HEALTH. Simple sugary or fast acting carbs WILL spike insulin. Insulin is very anabolic even more so than testosterone. When building and bulking muscle, spiking insulin is your friend. However this cannot be used in excess as the body will eventually become insulin resistant. Excess insulin released by the pancreas sometimes can drop blood sugar levels too low, therefore the body releases glucagon to reverse the blood glucose lowering effects of insulin. High Insulin levels will lead to obesity, constantly high insulin levels will switch of the body's fat burning process. So you might think that taking in all these weird and wonderful foods like FANTA, i mean what phytonutrients are contained in FANTA? What micronutrients are contained in FANTA? It is just empty sugary calories high in acid and other wonderful things. So it might fit your caloric daily intakes or Macros however provides absolutely no nutrition to maintain a healthy body. Depending on what you are doing, whether you are bulking up or leaning down, the right foods at the right time and the right calories make all the difference. Argue this all you will, it is the way it is. Hormones dictate what our bodies do. The food we intake affects hormones. Hormone shift and balance is very important when using correct nutrition to aid our daily exercise requirements. However it is the human body, noone has quite figured out how everything works yet, unless of course the government has and they are keeping it under wraps lol. Fanta and other stuff might work for some, for other it doesnt, eventually it leads to the same problem, you have to quit using it. Same as cigarettes, some get cancer some dont, the body is tough it will adapt. However, these are not the ideal conditions you want to put your body through. Eat your vegies, cruciferous vegetables, like brocolli cauliflower and the like are potent anti estrogens. Estrogen in excess in the male body can cause a whole host of problems. While eating clean is good for longevity and overall health, sometimes the body will reach and hit homeostasis. Therefore it is important to have cheat meals every now and then. Anyway, i hope you guys can take in and do some research as to the driving force of our body's functions, Hormones.