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  1. Mushroom's S14a

    Not a massive fan of it tbh, prefer just a white body and black roof, or a solid colour. but it is yours so go mad dude!
  2. Mushroom's S14a

    The one in the photo, or the one you did? Post me cutout?
  3. BMC CDA Cold air intake

    Tough to say, but considering your profile states that you're in Victoria, I'd personally get a factory airbox for a Blue Slip and daily driving. Im in ACT, getting NSW rego from a mate, but he's advised me to get a pod filter cover. I've actually got a gktech pod filter box but it doesn't fit with my intake pipe so that's why i was thinking maybe just get this? its and enclosed intake so maybe it'll work?
  4. Mushroom's S14a

    Did you hand paint the logo calipers? looks great!
  5. BMC CDA Cold air intake

    Would this pass a blue slip?
  6. Wtb 180sx drivers belt

    Bump need this thing
  7. Wtb 180sx drivers belt

    As the title says, in Sydney for a few more hours but willing to pay post to Canberra!
  8. my series 1 s14 226rwkw

    Looks sweet, although I'd un-bling the engine bay a bit, black silicone and black hoses would looks way better Imo
  9. Oil return hose

    I think I can now spot which ones won't fit, seems like the gasket can't just be semetrical.. Idk how to word it but it looks like this will work http://pages.ebay.com/link/?nav=item.view&id=321367831241&alt=web
  10. And again http://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/ryde/cars-vans-utes/nissan-180sx/1058723744
  11. Oil return hose

    Found a drain to -8an adapted on ebay and I'm going to get something made up on the cheap/free side, will post pics when done
  12. ACT workshops, tuners, paint n panel, rego, etc

    I hear Dickson is good..
  13. Oil return hose

    So mine is leaking now as well, looks like a t28 one won't fit either. Will a 25 one fit with some rubber hose or better off to the get the aftermarket one listed above?
  14. Which turbo?

    There's no tag. Think it's a 3071r though