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  1. Japan car help

    mate we have tried this was my last resort to post on the forums, hence why I am asking you blokes. If anyone has a mate here or can actually help us we would much appreciate that. we have read magazines, looked through previous forum posts and this doesn't help us much. my email is brandon@wash3dup.com if anyone has anything that will help that is all we need. We have looked at magazines, checked dates of events, scouted locations where carpark meets are supposed to happen but its obviously hard being the whitest dudes here. so please help some guys out.. cheers.
  2. Japan car help

    we are struggling to find the right magazine, but we will have a look. Does anybody have friends over here that are able to help?
  3. Japan car help

    So I am sure there are a few posts about this but I need help quick so I made a topic. A friend and myself are in Japan for a few weeks. We will be in tokyo till Sunday. Then the snow for a few days and Osaka after that. We want to get around the car scene. Who can help us. Any info on meets. Events (we couldn't see any happening while we were here) Places to go and stalk drivers/people who own rad cars. Garages to go see (finding it hard to get addresses.) Even a corner that sometimes a few times a day baws cars drive by. Anything would be great. Thanks guys.