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  1. Basic Roll Cage Options

    paid $1,700 to Australian Racing Technology. heard nothing since. won't reply to emails or wallposts. best idea not to buy from them.
  2. Basic Roll Cage Options

    that's what I like to hear! haha. yeah I hope it all goes smoothly, skipping last prac day for the year to get the old girl all setup!
  3. Basic Roll Cage Options

    ActionDan. I'm about to purchase a Cams Approved, State level cage for my s13. ART quoted me $1770 to my door with all cams papers, comes with harness bar and side intrusions!
  4. Basic Roll Cage Options

    Legend! thanks mate!
  5. Basic Roll Cage Options

    is this a full cams approved cage dan? and what was the cost? I need one for my 13!
  6. need to know, can't find anything anywhere! 'Will a Rb25det Neo power fc plug into my rb25 series 2 loom?' please help, all help appreciated!
  7. Love this video, very nice work. I was there, loved every minute of the day! what song was played? ups.