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  1. You get my s14 running and you can drive that lol, you know he most likely would
  2. ADGP Dates for 2012

    numbers are extremely exaggerated...but yes...baskerville ALWAYS pulls crowds atleast double symmons... regardless, should be a good event to start the year...
  3. Anyone remember Drift Battle magazine?

    would subscribe for sure!
  4. Australian Drifting GP Round 2

    mate if it feels unnatural your doing it properly is what we were told at the drivers briefing ,dont know what was being smoked when they positioned the clipping points track was awesome i liked how challenging it was scott you the man i might shit in the hand basin and wash my hands in the toilet - slow down and enter late sweet fkn LOL!!! :lol: :lol:
  5. dnt stress...its not immediate nor is it just going to happen... if it does go further than just "investigating" it has to go to a vote amoungst shareholders, a large majority of them being "old" baskerville racers and unlikely to vote for the sale... should it be sold however, the money will go into symmons plains and developing it into a motorsport park, rather than race track... drifting tasmania/hobart sport car club are aware of this and definitely not hitting panic stations, so nor should you...
  6. well that f**ks me right up.... ive already spent money buying tyres and now i cant use them?!!!?? lol @ ruling being added to an event...nearly 4 weeks after the event was announced and 2 weeks after entries closed... feel sorry for you simon, definitely a position you shouldnt be in...however i imagine you wont be the only one... i can see the reason for the ruling...but its abit late to announce it...a handful of drivers are actually organised/semi professional and sort stuff out weeks in advance rather than the week prior/at the track like most
  7. Australian Drifting GP Round 2

    Got a MSG informing me some pretty insanely quick top of 4th backwards entries were going down...keen as to see video!!
  8. VicDrift 2012 Calendar

    harder said than done...something ive had the problem of dealing with also...drifters arent the only ones using the track and often we are last on the pecking order as for hiring the track... but i too agree it would be awesome if it was possible
  9. ADGP Round 1 review

    thought that was the whole reason for the event being ran/setup the way it is...to get the spectators in close to the action??
  10. what is cheap car to get into drifting with?

    damn straight, ive built a VERY basic street car, which cost me more than a mild S13 would set me back... given the chance again id certainly just jump into a nearly stock s13...NA ca18/sr20 would be more than enough...
  11. id hope it wasn't there abouts...final tassie round is 5th November
  12. WTA - Tectaloy Drift - August 5th/6th 2011

    :ph34r: :ph34r: :ph34r:
  13. WTA - Tectaloy Drift - August 5th/6th 2011

    Whittaker and templeman rerun....again very questionable decision...
  14. WTA - Tectaloy Drift - August 5th/6th 2011

    Yates takes 3rd...broadbent 4th