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  1. The Dreaded SR20 VCT rattle

    I believe it's to do with the extra pressure on the cam and then cam gear causing it to wear
  2. The Dreaded SR20 VCT rattle

    I wouldn't expect cam's of that lift to kill your VCT that quick. Are you running aftermarket valve springs? Stiffer springs like the BC ones can shorten the life of the VCT I believe.
  3. The Dreaded SR20 VCT rattle

    How big is the lift on the cams? If you're over 11.5/12mm, that could be it.
  4. I don't believe there is much benefit over the stock manifold if saying low mount
  5. Thought I read somewhere that there wasn't a massive differences in the ATR28 series?
  6. Isn't the stock S15 is the GT2560?
  7. Smoke from turbo/manifold area, 180sx sr20det

    As above. Most likely the sealant burning off. Will probably have the smell for a couple days
  8. Had my car tune by Mark a couple weeks ago. The car is my daily and runs amazingly, No startup or idle issues. As above, took the time to explain pretty much every aspect of the work he was doing. When I got the car back, I was surprised it was only pushing 18psi out of the turbo (still 240rwkw but 540nm ) when I had seen the same turbo push 22-24psi. This was his response "what I assess is the power/torque return for boost added vs ignition retard for boost added. I found that more boost less timing didn’t make any more power but was borderline detonation. So I backed off till I could put more timing in resulting in a smoother more consistent power curve with lowest EGT possible. I know many tuners “over tune” engines. 24psi on 98 octane=massive cylinder pressure=massive ignition retard=lots of egt and heat. I stayed on the side of safety." Can't argue with that. Nistune + Tune is $1100 (but I had a bunch of other stuff done as well). So maybe $600-800 to tune?
  9. Tried an electronic boost controller first?
  10. still lifting bruhhh?

    Been lifting for about 14 years, mainly due to playing rugby and lifting seriously for maybe 8 of those. Had numerous set backs due to 3 knee reco's, tearing my bicep off and other niggling injuries. Took another knock to my ACL this year which set things back, but it's slightly hanging on and starting to get the confidence back in it. Current lifts: - Bench 150kgx5 - Squat 220kgx1 - Deadlight 230kgx1 - Bodyweight 118kg Previous bests: - Bench 185kgx1 - Squat 240kgx1 - Deadlift 260kgx1 - Bodyweight 107kg Goal is to get to 110kg bodyweight with similar bench and improved squat/deadlift.
  11. Oil filter blocks?

    Ah well, I'll let them looking after the bitching around haha.
  12. S14 front brakes + r33 rear brakes

    Is it much of an upgrade going to R33 rears? And are they generally fine to use with the standard S14 BMC?
  13. Oil filter blocks?

    Quick update. I ended up getting the MidnightMods relocation kit. Has not yet been installed. Will get the tuners to do it when they stick the injectors in before the car is tuned, as I believe the intake manifold needs to be removed to do them?
  14. Is this my BOV?

    Yep, that's the fuel filter. BOV will be behind the drivers side headlight.
  15. Sr20 Head Studs help pls

    Yeah, the cam's popped up on facebook for a steal of a price and were unused. Super happy to have got a hold of them!