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  1. Hey guys, A question for anyone who may have experience in this before. What interior parts of an S15 will fit in an S14? more specifically, dash and roof lining. Anyone? Thanks!
  2. SR20 Head Knock

    Alright, Ill look into all of the above. Thanks everyone!
  3. SR20 Head Knock

    Hey guys, I have a little issue that I can't seem to find a definitive answer for. Seems to be something different for everyone each time. I have a knocking noise coming from the head of my SR20DET (S14 VTC model). It has 140xxx km's on it and has your basic bolt on mods (FMIC, turbo back exhaust, boost controller running 14.7psi, oil catch can etc). It's a slight tapping noise on cold start ups but the main problem is when it has warmed up and has been idling. If I leave the car to idle for about 5-10 minutes after being warmed up and driving, it starts to knock fairly loudly. I have replaced the VTC solenoid with a brand new OEM Nissan one, did an oil flush and put Penrite 15w50 Semi Synthetic oil in her, which in turn, reduced the noise to almost nil for about 1000km's but now has returned. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.