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  1. Still got the te37's mate? What kinda price are you looking at for them? Pm if you want.
  2. Jam RBS14 Crashed

    This thread has more drama than the bold and the beautiful. Kick ass car though man, keep it up.
  3. Anything looks better with coilys and te37's lol. I've got an old extra cab triton, I'll give you a wave if I see you around.
  4. Car looks awesome mate. I live in williamstown so I'll probably see you around a bit then.
  5. Were you in lyndoch by any chance today? Saw a mint as 180 that looked like this one.
  6. generic topic title

    Just put a 20 in it
  7. generic topic title

    So what motor is this getting now?
  8. generic topic title

    KMAK makes frp aero kits that look pretty decent quality. They're on Facebook if you want to suss them.
  9. Don't know if anyone ever reads these but I'm trying to find an apprenticeship in fitting and turning in SA but having absolutely no luck. I'm currently studying cert 1&2 engineering at TAFE. I'm living in the barossa but willing to travel and more than happy to do unpaid work experience. If anyone knows of any apprenticeships, or you are looking for an apprentice please send me a PM, message/call me on 0447416277 or email beam_me_up91@hotmail.com Cheers, scott
  10. fitting and turning apprenticeship wanted in sa

    Thanks heaps mate, will check it out.
  11. fitting and turning apprenticeship wanted in sa

    Thanks for the tip mate.
  12. generic topic title

    loving the builds man. seen the trueno getting around the barossa a few times, sounds soooo good!
  13. hey guys, thought i would throw up a build thread for my triton, would be good to get other peoples opinions. its a 1991 club cab, 2.5" blocks in the rear with flipped leafs, pedders springs and shocks in the front and all the front bushes are nolathane (stupidly stiff set up, even smooth roads are painful). its currently on 18" CSA sniper's but they will be going asap (no one wants to buy them lol) im pretty poor at the moment but my short term plans are - install the new seats (r32 gtst driver and r31 gts passenger) - replace shitty woodgrain steering wheel with a nardi ive got. - get new motor. current one has done over 400,000 ks and leaks oil like a sieve. - new wheels - new tub and factory 4wd flares all round - build a hard lid and sheet metal front lip - convert magna EFI head to fit (looks pretty easy from the research ive done) when ive got a bit more money the plans are - triangulated 4 link set up in the rear with a hilux diff (so i get 5 stud and can buy bolt on bigger brakes) - 5 stud and bigger brake conversion in the front (unsure how i will be doing this atm) - new wheels to suit 5 stud - turbo conversion - clean up body and full respray i would love to hear other peoples feed back as this is all just in my head at the moment. Scott
  14. yeah mines a daily as well, cops around my area dont seem to care about utes.
  15. yeah ive always loved nice utes. hilux's are so much easier to mod cause there are so many parts for them. this is my motivation lol
  16. hey im new here and not great with computers so it could just be me. When Im writing a post and press enter to go to a new line nothing happens, do I need to do something special or is it my computer? sorry if its me, its just really annoying lol. cheers, Scott.
  17. cant go to new line in posts

    changed to chrome working now thanks man.
  18. hey everyone, just thought I would introduce myself. names scott and im from SA, always loved imports and cars in general, ive got a triton minitruck at the moment but im leaning towards a more performance build. will start a build thread when I can get some decent pics. looking forward to getting to know like minded people and getting out for some cruises and such.
  19. yet another new person

    cheers guys, I used to have a 180 and loved it to bits but I got sick of it breaking all the time (was a bit of a lemon) and needed something more practical so I got my ute. when im happy with it I may look at getting another import but it wont be a daily lol.
  20. 180sx headlight problems

    the funny headlight part of issue 2 sounds like a partially broken filament in the globe, has happened to me a couple of times. take the globe out and check to see if its good or not. you could also swap the headlight globes around and see if the problem changes sides.
  21. Glynnsides rb24 180sx - Back to church duties

    loving the car mate, great work. makes me miss my old 180 so much, almost bought a b wave wing for it too, until I got a speeding fine lol.
  22. VC commodore... for the drifties

    love the build man, will be watching this one. awesome to see something different to the usual, and I have a mad soft spot for vc's.
  23. SpotMan's Clown Car & Jzx90 daily

    saw this at all jap day, such a gangsta car. great work doing it on a budget and doing as much work as you can yourself. you should deffs try and get some s13 plates and see how long it takes for you to be defected...