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  1. Wrecking SR20 DET 180sx

    Wrecking a complete 180sx SR20 DET Manual Nismo 2 Way diff $800 Gearbox $500 Complete Manual Conversion $1000 Doors $100 Each (complete) Uncracked dash $100 Interior $250 (complete) Bodykit $400 Just ask for any other parts. SOLD ITEMS: BONNET FRONT GUARDS LIGHTS 5 STUD CONVERSION COILOVERS KEYS/IGNITION

    Possibly have the full rear set, $100
  3. WTB: Both front seat belts for 180SX SR20DET 1994

    If its helps, I have a pair from my 180sx that Im stripping. $115 delivered
  4. Red top sr20det ecu and wiring loom

    SMS sent
  5. wtb sr20 afm- Pickup adelaide

    I have 1 in Adelaide. PM sent
  6. S13 Vert

    Anybody know of other s13 convertibles for sale?
  7. Wrecking SR20 DET 180sx

    Genuine Origin rear Genuine Origin sides Front is afternarket fiberglass, unsure of brand
  8. WTB: 180sx / s13 SR turbo manual tail shaft

    Ive got one in SA for $140 deliverd.
  9. Just had my car confiscated

    If you still dont have it back go down to Port Adelaide police station and talk to the investigating officer. If they arent in talk to their supervisor. Hassle ever day, morning and night.
  10. exhaust fabrication

    Alos use JIM at AAA for exhaust bits. Top bloke
  11. Just had my car confiscated

    Isnt it nice when they take you into the white little hut and get you to sit down. "Now there has been some discrepenceys with your vehicle. We are confiscating it" *EDIT* Just checked the date. Its been a week. Did you get it back?
  12. Dont go with him, hes terrible. Anybody but him, anybody. Personal experiences X2. Take it to a workshop if your serious about getting a quality report. Most mechanics will let you have a look under it as well while its on a hoist, so your not just trusting them but they can point out anything and show you it.
  13. Engine Wanted

    Bolger to be sentenced next month. His time is coming
  14. Silvia numbers

    There is/was over 330000 s13/180sx produced. If your vin starts with 86,000 you probably have an early/mid 89 model.
  15. SA Buy/Swap/Sell Thread

    R34 side plastic door scuff plates $20 R34 top half of intake plenum $10 RB clutch fan $30 R34 turbo front and rear brakes $600 R34 boot carpet $10 R34 Sub box $50 R34 Front Innder plastic guards $50 (pair) R34 Apexi FMIC $300 R34 Alternator $50 R34 Steering pump $50 R34 Sunroof $50 R34 Passengers guard $100 R34 3.5" turbo back exhaust $500 R34 Passengers door $100 R34 Nismo coilovers $600 R34 Tein Coilovers - Super Street with incar damper adjuster $1000 R34 Jim Berry clutch $500 R34 adjustable castor rods $150 R34 Kazama adjustable castor rods $180 R34 KOYO radiator $200 R34 Centre gauges $100 R34 Centre stereo surround $70 R34 Middle dash vents $50 R34 Airbox $50 R34 AT surround $20 R34 window wind deflectors $100 R34 dash cluster $40 R34 Drivers side mirror $50 R34 carbon fibre b pillar plastics $70 R34 Brake master and booster $100 R34/ RB25 Greddy Genuine Plenum $650 RB20/25 Flywheel $100 RB 20/25 Exedy clutch 5 puk $50 RB 20/25 Extreme plate $20 (worn) R33 lowered suspension $150 R33 3" front/dump exhaust $150 R33 Window washer bottle $30 R33 Radiator bottle $30 R33 Tomei strut brace $100 R33 power steering pump $50 R33 Driveshafts $100 R33 Standard suspension $50 R33 tomei short shifter $100 R33 S2 Coilpacks $100 R33 S2 Coilpacks loom $50 R33 AC condenser $50 R33 AFM $100 R33 drivers guard $30 R33 B44 brake master $70 R32/s13 nismo diff in housing 4.1 Ratio $700 R32 GTR Apexi Super Intake Kit $200 R32 HKS mushroom kit $200 R32 front indicators (pair) $100 R32 gtr rear brakes $150 R32 Nismo rear arms $200 R32 gtr rear seats $100 R32 Type m side skirts $50 R32 dash cluster $50 S13 Rear light Drivers Side $30 Carbon fibre drift wing $250 35mm bolt on spacers $100 15mm bolt on Spacers $100 Tomei Super Hicas lock kit with plug in computer to trip the dash and shims for Hicas Rack (Passes regency) $100 Q45 AFM $150 A31 grill $50 180sx origin roof spoiler $150 If your after more details please just PM me. Possibly interested in swaps: 16" X 9" Wheels (maybe old supra wheels) or even R32 GTR wheels. R32 Full cage Awesome 17x10ish wheels
  16. back suspension knocks when under wheel spin?

    Either pineapples or New subframe bushes will fix the problem.
  17. SA Buy/Swap/Sell Thread

    R33 Series 2 complete engine with coilpacks, turbo, loom, ecu, AFM. $1200 or $1000 without standard turbo. Complete set of R34 GT-T Front and Rear Brakes + Rear Drum, Rear hubs and handbrake lines Rotors Calipers Pads Rear hubs with handbrake cables. Painted gold, with Nissan in Red. Made to look like R34 GTR brakes. $600 Complete set of R33 GT-T Front and Rear Brakes + Rear Drum, Rear hubs and handbrake lines Rotors Calipers Pads Rear hubs with handbrake cables. $400 Just Rear R33 GT-T Brakes + Rear Drum, Rear hubs and handbrake lines Rotors Calipers Pads Rear hubs with handbrake cables. $200 Just Rear R32 GT-R Brakes + Rear Drum, Rear hubs and handbrake lines Rotors (cross drilled) Calipers Pads (Project Mu, drift pads) Rear hubs with handbrake cables. $250 R33 Diff, Has been rebuilt and comes with receipts for $680 + fitting/removal Standard LSD $200 R33 Drive shafts $100 Located in Adelaide, Pick up or postage available. Will consider swaps for CAMS approved roll cage for R32, with side intrusion bars, or Half cage with added bars.
  18. Adelaide Compliance workshops

    Ring vehicle modifications and ask for them to send you out the form for exemption for fitting a compliance plate.. Forget the process from then on. But im assuming you went for an ID check and they said you need to get that form and do a fully vehicle inspection?
  19. Assuming your not running an AFM maybe look into running a wet air filter with twin filters. Something like this: http://www.google.co...26&tx=119&ty=87 You wont suck in more air but your filter will only have to do half the work, combined with a wet filter would work well. You would need to clean it often to prevent the filters becoming clogged. Should be able to buy something advertised as a 3" intake for RB26. Either way your going to be racing in the dust so where you put it wont make much of a difference. Just wouldn't put it super low at the front in case your following somebody lap after lap sucking in dirt straight off the rear wheels.
  20. 180SX roof spoilers

    Ive got a genuine origin one here if you want it $170 delivered. or a vanquish one also $170 delivered. Both in white gel coat.
  21. Is the car dodgy, most likely yes. Will you be able to keep it registered, yes. Will you have any problems in the future, possibly. Does the car have a VIN stamped into the metal of the firewall?
  22. Agreed, deleted. Anyway. Awesome work as always GKTECH, looking forward to the build.
  23. Couple q's

    ...... and since it didnt fit your gearknob, you have decided to run it as a wheel nut ever since.
  24. Choose your words carefully, I don't want to have to bash you again you fat *milkshake* Been gone too long robbie...youre the only fat c un t around here now touche