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  1. Ahh ok thats good to know billywhiz, simple setup process then ?
  2. Yea join the wires togeather and then the speedo works so yea must just be the jaycar unit.....or the setup of it (switches/ links) but like i said i think i have now tried evey combo to get it to pick it up. Yep iv scene the adjustments on the back of the needle speedo but mine is a digital one and couldnt see them, plus its reading just under half what it should be so to much adjustmet for them anyway.
  3. Thanks for you input Protius much appreciated- yea im keen to get 'something that works'..but just trying to confirm what does work first hand, by you saying that you have used and installed the dakota unit successfully on the Sr Rb sensors leans me towards getting one of them. Having the jaycar unit in my possession already and people saying they have also installed and used them successfully (also unsuccessfully though) makes me curious as to why it would work in one instance and not the other, as in it being my personal setup being the problem and not the 'norm' in which case may mean I buy the dakota one and it will also not work, hence trying to cover the ins and out of the workings of these units to 'bench test' the theory of the working process to eliminate the 'It just works' or it 'just doesn't work'.....
  4. I have found the silicone chip magazine which details the function and operation of the unit in much greater detail as to what all the switches do manually etc ....Thought I would have some success playing with them rather than the 'auto' A switch....but I believe I have tried all combinations without success. Maybe you can try them billywhiz. the download will be on the right and pages 65-70 I think. https://archive.org/...ine_2006-09_Sep If anyone can come up with any ideas as well from the more detailed magazine write up that would be good also.
  5. Yea billywhiz I have the 'digitech' one from jaycar, tried ringing digitech today for technical help but can only get the person at the warehouse reading you the instructions as they just import them etc etc.... I am almost certain the wire from the non grounded wire out of the sensor goes straight up to the cluster with out changing (yellow/ blue) and the other one from the sensor goes direct to ground behind the cluster (yellow / black) it then changes colour to yellow /green out of the speedo back to the ecu....as for what the ecu does with it Im not sure,...im lead to believe nothing, as to why it goes through that loop I also dont know, was going to try the yellow / green wire as an input and see if it recognize it....but then if it did what would you have as an output...the other side ? but then that wouldn't change the speedo reading...I wouldnt think.. really not sure why this simple mod is so frustrating its really giving me the shits. would be good for some more first hand input from someone that has also installed one of these successfully on there nissan.
  6. Sic s15 - No mate It is a already assembled unit, so frustrating indeed having it not working........the fact that you have had one working as it should makes it even more confusing....why it doesn't recognize the input signal has got me stumped big time...if you could think of any small detail that may lead to me getting it sorted that would be great. Datsun180- Yea them two look same as each other and would no doubt be doing the same thing as the jaycar ones wanting the same input signal wire from the speed sensor as well so that's why i am wondering on peoples first hand experiences as to which one works and why it doesn't ect....hopefully we can get to a conclusion. Robbo_Rb180 - yea mate i notice that thread....I think i have read and scene every thread link to 'jaycar ..S13 ..rb25 box..Speedo corrector.." etc google has to offer . Billywihiz - sounds exactly like my problem mate, I went and got another one today to try thinking it might be the unit but same result. I was told to use the online instructions as well, noticed the input and output wires were changed the first time anyway so there should be no issue with that. I am also getting the correct fluctuating AC voltage (depending on wheel speed) to the input wire point on the circuit board....but no flashing led to acknowledge the signal....Did you get it to recognize your input signal mate ? as in flashing led every 1hz . ? Seams to be a bit of mention about the speedo correction units but not a lot of first hand S13 / S13/ Rb installs. Sic S15 seams to be my main contact as he has had one working first hand
  7. Thanks sc s15, so when you were using the jaycar unit or for that matter the dakota you just used the signal wire direct from the sensor for input as per instructions ?
  8. So no one has successfully instaled a jaycar unit ? Knowing the basic circuit that all speedo converters should be using makes me wonder why anyother unit will be different and can only find dakota ones overseas...if it dont work more of a headache returning it...have you had any first hand experience with both or either of these units protius ? As in jaycar didn't work but the dakota did? Im after some for of electronic advice as to what signal each can and cant recieve etc.
  9. I am stuffing around trying to install a jaycar speedo corrector into my S13 silvia with a rb25 box, it is currently reading about half what it should be, the unit is not recognizing the signal from the speed sensor, I was after a conformation from anyone who has successfully used and installed one of these units on a rb25 box...or a SR box as I believe the sensors use the same 'style' of pulse. I have searched and there is a few results of varying degrees of conformation / uncertainty etc. so any first hand 100% information would be good. *I have confirmed the sensor is working *The yellow/ blue wire is the one i have cut behind the cluster to use as the 'signal' wire, it is the wire coming from the sensor and it is wired to the unit 'input' from the sensor and 'output' to the speedo. *The unit is receiving the AC voltage from the sensor to the input on the circuit board *My cluster is a Digital speedo display (shouldn't matter) It appears the unit does not recognize the Input of the Rb25 sender ???? If anyone has any 'smoking gun' info that would be great or even suggestions / personal experiences with this unit that would also be great.
  10. Speedo Calibration S13 SILVIA

    Any updates on this situation, Currently installing jaycar unit and wondering the exact wiring colors as well , I believe I want to cut the yellow / blue wire behind the cluster as this connects direct to the box sensor and install the 'calibrator' In / out along that wire, as in side from gearbox 'in' and other side of wire that continues to the speedo unit the 'out' signal of the corrector..... ?
  11. No trick to it mate, plug and play, unplug OEM and plug in splitfires.
  12. NISMO Parts!

    Got my items the other day Great delivery commutation and price will be ordering from TAARK again for sure
  13. brakes

    Just a 'rattle' clip, brakes will work fine with out it, might just get some rattle noise.
  14. upgrade s13 to r33 gtr brakes

    Bigish, 24mm from memory....but not 100% sure. Will be able to look in the next day or so.
  15. Been following your topic for a while now, very impressed with your setup especially for a mild 'time attack' S13 Gives us other S13 owners hope of taming the drift S13 platform and getting good times on track.