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  1. Price : $350 Condition : New Have a brand new Greddy SR20 sump and a set of 4x Nismo 740cc injectors with new genuine Nissan O rings FS, Bought these to go on with a tomei turbo but due to work commitments have never got around to installing any of it. Injectors and Orings $600 posted. Greddy Sump $350 posted. Contact number 0400185346
  2. Price : $1,500 Condition : New Bought this turbo to Install as part of an upgrade with injectors, sump etc. but due to working away and the car being in a different state all the time I have given up on trying to fit it all and have decided to leave the car as is and sell the stuff instead. Turbo comes with everything, braided lines, gaskets etc. box is opened but everything is still in the original plastic bags etc. Price is firm and includes postage AUS wide ( postage alone is around $50-70 for an item this heavy ). Contact number 0400185346
  3. R33 gtr brembos

    can i ask where you got your overhaul kits for the calipers for and how much they set you back mate? Wouldnt mind throwing a freshen up through my calipers next time im home.
  4. You dont have to change the master cylinder, ive been running R33 GTR Brembos for years all round and im still running the stock master cylinder and it has no spongy feel or fade whatsoever... I would dump the fluid and bleed it again mate, take it to someone if you dont feel 100% confident doing it yourself.
  5. help with camshafts

    ^^ how the hell did you snap one? Did you use a torque wrench and use the correct torque settings? they are only torqued to 7-8 ft/lb which is stuff all and will never snap a bolt of that size. Something went wrong there mate, big time.
  6. help with camshafts

    Yes with cylinder #1 at TDC you will have some valves compressing still, just make sure you tighten the cam cap bolts down in the correct sequence and torques to be sure you dont put any strain on the camshaft as it compresses it down. If you are to heavy handed and dont use the correct sequence you can snap the camshaft.
  7. Yes true but no tuner should be tuning that close to the edge if they want to keep a good reputation for not breaking peoples engines. Tune WOT close to det and pull 2-3 degrees out for a buffer. I personally do most tuning on the road, for the exact reasons you mentioned. The 1/4 mile is the best dyno, MPH doesnt lie.
  8. power fc

    not sure what you mean by 32x32 bit... they are a 20x20 map reference grip which gives you 400 total load points, more than enough for the average street car.
  9. you really hate power FC`s dont you? mate you dont need retard timing on knock, if its tuned properly you should never need a feautre like that. If you do it means its tuned sloppy and your tuner has no idea what hes doing. Adaptronic superior? In the hands of someone who has the software and knowledge of that type of ECU, which is a handfull compared to the amount that can tune Apexi`s... nearly every tuning shop in AUS can tune a power FC fairly well, i dont know many who are familiar with the adaptronic and a lot of others though. This is far more important than what an ECU can do, i would rather have confidence my tuner can get the best out of an ECU by knowing it inside out than by guessing with software he isnt familiar with. I tune these things mate so im talking from experience. Your opinion is valid but knocking Power FC`s is just stupid, they work, are cheap and for the majority of people on this forum are the best option for them because of the simplicity and vast amount of support they have.
  10. power fc

    I couldnt disagree with you more, its a simple, reliable, cheap ECU ( yes cheap when you consider its plug and play and tuning costs are low ) and it works. The biggest advantage is that 99.9% of tuners out there support them and know how to tune them, at the end of the day an ECU is only as good as its tuner. All the features you mentioned above are available on more expensive more modern ECU`s however how many tuners really know the ins and outs of how to set up all them features? Ive been running a Power FC for 10 years and i wouldnt dream of switching to anything else, the Djetro version which im running currently has more than enough features for any setup up to the 500HP mark and its piss easy to tune and has never missed a beat. To many people just have to have the latest and greatest of everything, even if it means it costs more, you only use half the shit it can do and its not as proven reliability wise...
  11. 18psi is soft on an L2, they are designed to run up around 1.4-1.6bar boost which will get you around the 300rwkw mark. The biggest factor is your internals, boost pressure isnt the concern for your internals but the amount of HP and risk of pinging is. The way it is now i wouldnt try to squeeze much more from it. If you had a stronger bottom end and some valve springs, an 8k rev limit and 1.6bar boost it will easily push past 280rwkw on pump fuel.
  12. SR20det knocking like a pro

    Are you sure its 3000rpm and not around 1700rpm? I would guess its related to the VCT solenoid or gear unit. When these things are on the way out they make a hell of a noise. Is the noise noticeably louder towards the front of the rocker cover on the throttle body side? If so VCT most definitely. Wont be the lifters at 3000rpm, does it only do it under load or no load?
  13. OP have you got a Power FC or plan on getting on in the near future? If you have one with the commander its a simple 2 minute job setting it up and it will run fine. In all honesty dont bother with the effort of taking the plenum off and removing the stock injectors to "upgrade" to S15 ones, not worth the effort for the bees dick of extra fuel they provide ( which is still pretty much only good enough for a T28 ) if you have some 555`s or 740`s then its justifiable.
  14. Hi guys, Been posted to RAAF base Wagga for the next 12 months, just seeing how many other NS.com members are out in the area, havent got my S14 sent to me yet but its in the proccess. Drop us a PM or throw us an add on FB ( Noel Arri ) if you are in the area.
  15. Thanks mate! I head off tomorrow will drop you a PM when im down there.