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  1. big entry is a waste of time gossy cause only ash courtney can do them. plus theres plenty of time for that during the comp and practice. Im super excitied for this next rnd. Got az's rolla at home and have been doing some steering lock mods (thanks to crawf) and a few other bits and pieces to it. should be a mint day and night
  2. Discuss your civilised drift thoughts

    I personally dont think theres anything wrong with the drifting scene at all. If i were to have one negative point i'd say the internet is a mood killer sometimes for awesome events pre and after. Im just glad down here in tas that i get the opportunity to drift, as it was very hard to get onto the tracks to do it to begin with. I think thats why it works so well down here, because instead of wanting big dollar sponsors, more events and so on we are just stoked that we get the events we do.
  3. hey im just trying to track down the part number for genuine nissan bearings for a series 2 rb25, any help is muchly apprectiated
  4. Is round 3 going to happen?

    i cant wait for symmons in a real car, haha had fun at the practice day but the laurel isnt the ideal drift car
  5. Myself, Jake Crawford,Marting croall, Barnzi are entering also
  6. Do you really need swaybars in a dedicated drift car?

    Ive driven with a few different combos, s13 with front but no rear felt good and was predictable with just Kei office 8/6's no other suspension mods, Ran an s14 with no sway bars, Np knuckles and alot of other suspension upgrades this thing was exceptional very easy and lazy to drive even with big angles, Another s13 i have driven recently has whiteline front and rear sway bars with knuckles and a solid bushings in the rear, this was extremely sensitive to drive and so much fun, point and shoot style of driving but was a fair bit harder to drift than the previous 2 setups.All in all i dont think there is gains made either way from running them or not, just what kinda style of driving you want when drifting
  7. Tas drift fest

    Just seeing whos going to be entering or already entered this event, all though im not driving im actually really excitied for this event, I'll be judging for the first time ever so if you have any issues on decisions dont be scared to come and ask why. More than likely i'll make a few mistakes Ive seen some of the cars in the build for this and i can tell you quality and setups has gone to another level this year, soo good to see drifting in tassie getting to the point where everyone has wanted it since 2006. We are very lucky and dont take what we have for granted. I want to change the judgine criteria only ever so slightly to match in with the d1nz way of judging, thier series is killer so if it works for them its going to work for us, will see what ya's reckon in the drivers briefing. post away people

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6vUnZ3sPkGs a vid from the event put together by tim holmes
  9. Tas drift fest

    agreed some awesome shots right there
  10. Tas drift fest

    I had a ball on saturday, even if i hadnt of done well i still would have had a great day, i was loving it from the word go, Practice in the morning was so much fun, Just a good no pressure day i thought, Coming second was just a bonus, i wouldnt have cared if i didnt qualify. Well organised event i thought just a shame about the cars in the top 4 having problems. cant wait to come back next year with my own car. well done to all thats showed up and enjoyed them selves to those who didnt maybe drift isnt the thing for you as its all about fun
  11. Tas drift fest

    there is 29 entries so far, i dont have the offical list but heard that today, one of the organising commitee would have to put it up, 29 is a good field of cars but im sure there is more to come
  12. Tas drift fest

    pretty sure they dont do one day ones, but you can get a lower level of lisence thats accepted L2ns which im fairly sure still covers us drifting for $50 odd by memory
  13. Drift stars

    haha im a free man again neck brace is off feeling good, got a car to skid in tas drift fest too cant wait. So good to be able to look left and right again lol
  14. Drift stars

    this thread gave me a chortle. The people who still have a love for the game are still drifting, But people also grow old and have other commitments.
  15. Tas drift fest

    well i got sad about judging and missing out, i talked to a few people and now im on the correct side of the fence due to the help of some awesome people, Andrew Toth is now taking over my judging role, i was excitied but now im exstatic about this event
  16. Tas drift fest

    I'll let you know on the day as i havent totally decided whether its going to work on baskerville,
  17. I have a good mate moving over that way soon for work, Hes pretty much planted the seed for me and im just interested to see what race tracks are near by, what the drifting scene is like and just the general work/rental situation is like, I could easily move somewhere with out the need for the car stuff but i find its a great way to meet people and in tassie where im from, have made alot of good mates because of it, Any info would be greatly appreciated cheers Josh
  18. The Heavy Music Thread

    Give Raintime, Devildriver (new album is pretty good apparently), Divinity, Soilwork, Sylosis, Asking Alexandria bit of wrist slitting shit in that group but no massive emo's like escape the fate haha
  19. lifestyle in kalgoorlie

    when does the drift season kick into gear over here, wouldnt mind checking it all out
  20. lifestyle in kalgoorlie

    well im now in perth, down at freemantle at the moment, Ive got no idea what to do haha, ive just been backpacking it, if anyone knows of work around either area or has a room to rent please let me know cheers
  21. Friday Night Drifting 2011 These are the dates for 2011, there is nearly 1 per month which is an improvement over last year! 21/1/2011 is this still on due to the flooding, im in queensland at the moment and wouldnt mind checkin it out while im here, cheers josh
  22. drifting at qr this friday

    wicked will see ya's there, im the tall dopey looking prick so if i say goodaye you'll have a general idea who i am
  23. lifestyle in kalgoorlie

    I leave tas on the 18th this month doing a bit of backpacking first off then im going to shoot over west way, Mate who was working in kal has come home so i reckon i may just head straight into perth or closer than 6 hours out, everyone who ive talked to said they love the place and to have drifting/cars (common ground) with people will hopefully make the transition loads easier. Sorry for the un-educated questions but cheers for the answers, muchly appreciated
  24. Rhys millen

    best suggestion yet haha, I rate the video the thing has some power thats for sure and we all know it does make it easier, but if i had the choice i'd have what hes having, The handbraking was dissapointing but if i had a concrete wall, a drop off and a car thats worth about what i could buy a house for i'd do it too.
  25. Drifting Tasmania Rd 4 2010 Photos

    awesome pics and vids, did you happen to have any vids of the yellow sprinter?