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  1. The modified/ aftermarket knuckle thread

    Longer control arms = more track = more grip. Don't think you understand what i'm asking or you have issues reading. The LCA has less tension/castor rod adjustment due to the design it is making the adjustment from closer to the chassis then normal LCA would This would have a effect on suspension setup and your castor settings effecting the steering/stability so i was wondering if anyone has used this setup and see any effects at high speed
  2. The modified/ aftermarket knuckle thread

    Do the front Lower control arms effect grip or the way the car handles at all? by that i mean no tension/castor rod as such just a lower control arm?
  3. The modified/ aftermarket knuckle thread

    Been ages since i posted anything on this forum. Found these when researching stuff for my front end. http://www.tdp.ie/?page_id=1219
  4. Rex Kelway sucks.

    Posting for updates
  5. Most people that spend this sort of coin on builds like this dont count cost So true, i would hate to see my total price
  6. Gym wankers

    I'm Bipolar....I see the humour in my own issues. I LOL'd
  7. aero dynamics

    What i will be doing with my car is running a flat floor/home made diffuser as most of the offthe shelf ones dont work well with a kit they are built for stock rear bars in my case anyway (JZX81) http://200sxweb.blogspot.com.au/2012/10/rear-diffuser-part-one.html
  8. Make wood fire pizza ovan at home use for making pizza and heating plastic
  9. aero dynamics

    ^ I will be going the whole flat floor im currently having issues with a decent defuser for the rear due to my drop tank sitting a tad lower, Im hoping once i have the car all sitting right and bodykit on it might just be ok
  10. aero dynamics

    Loving all these home builds in aero I need to finish my car so i can start Doing basic filling up holes making new holes in the kit i have for now and off the shelf splitter we will see where i go from there, Finished drawing up my car in solidworks for flow testing so will be a long process
  11. You can do that, That is what is getting done to my rear windows (frameless 4 door car) put old windows down put polycarb over and heat it up with heat gun and mould into shape. The issue i have atm is being frameless is keeping the windows in place. been told under 200kph i will be rather fine after that it will shake alot so trying to work it all out now.
  12. Pre workout

    I use to take iforces Dexaprine was awesome till they changed formula just like 1MR and Jacked. Still on the look out for another pre work out that pumps me up enough to do a cardio set after weights.
  13. Awesome build, Stumbled across this as im about to work out how i will be mounting my windows (frameless) just wondering with your setup would this pass any track days? as i would have thought having the two small pins it would make it harder for the safety to open the door? i think i'm a bit confused to on how it all works?
  14. Gym wankers

    anytime fitness is good.. As in regards to the no one does legs.... This is good when doing legs and squats shit when you want to do chest/back and arms Last night was doing chin ups tried to push one extra lift out....... dropped smashed knee on pole worst pain.