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  1. rb25det forward facing plenum

    yeh ive already swapped it just trying to work out vac line coz I heard you have to block off a few things
  2. does anyone know how to fit foward facing plenum for rb25det I don't know what vac lines and water line to keep and what to block off . and what size fittings for the hoses it would be great if someone knows cheers
  3. wiring up rb25det into a 180sx

    hey guys just wanted to know if anyone has wired up an rb25det into a 180sx and how to do it or if there is a thread on it?
  4. NEED ASAP ! type x standard ecu

    where ypu located I have a type x ecu $100
  5. coilover spring rates for rb25 in 180sx

    thanks guys im gna go with ics 10k front and 8k rears
  6. hey guys just wanting to know what coilover spring rates i should run in my rb25 180sx?