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  1. My R31 exec - ti - turbo build

    wow its been a while since i last updated..... car is still at the workshop getting work done. next step is adaptor for the gearbox then connect all the dots to make the rear wheels spin
  2. I might be there with my 4wd.. maybe carrying the camera as well .... im off duty so wont be in the daily gov plated wagon
  3. 31st of march private day

    normally per car.... so split ht ecost between the 3 of you.. cheap day out for all of you
  4. ALL JAPAN DAY Adelaide March 10th

    i might have to give G7 a call see if my R31 will be driveable... might do entry on the day if possible
  5. they use these on the freeway alot. normally near a bridge so the "control vehicle" can park up on the grass in the shade.
  6. ALL JAPAN DAY Adelaide March 10th

    oh oh better pay G7 some coin then and get my R31 finally running.... declan...please
  7. Adelaide hill cameras

    yup most tha cameras out there are for the trucks in the left lane.... they take pictures etc of the trucks at crafers then again after the tunnels to calculate speed/time over that distance, then the registered business gets a fine mailed to them... nothing in the tunnel other than survanience (ref to incident with a bunch of skylines etc)
  8. My surf is up for sale..... 1993 1kzte (3.0 turbo D) auto done 255k i think, engine had a rebuild at 100kish ($7500) Has heavy duty torsion bars/ 2" 80series rear springs and surf 2" rear shocks, and 2" body lift 200L fuel capacity - gets about 1300 to 1500kms Will have UHF, plus sound system ARB winch compatible bar with RooLights 180s(which replaces the xrox setup in the picture, winch not for sale either) Roof racks and cage not included but will have a rhino basket and racks – with a side awning Wheels and tryre not included but should have 15x8 Procomp rims with tyres or sunnies with tyres (will be 33inch tyres of some sort) Interior is relatively standard I have had NO issues with the police but that's because it gets driven on either public or private areas and isn't thrashed around. Yes I do drive it like an old man. Looking for $10.5k to repay debts pics added soon, when i get to resize them or upload them to photobucket
  9. 4x4 Pics and vids

    so does that hilux handle well with the coil spaces etc?
  10. Help what can or should I do

    how old are you.. over 25 and ull be fine.

    ill surprise you by saying...... it belongs to the Shahin family.... new member to the garage i believe I saw it around the same time on Grenfell St. Wonder who owns that beauty.
  12. Stolen r32 gtst maroon

    the found means that its either defected, or been reported to servicesa as a wanted vehicle
  13. Fabrication Pics Thread

    i bought a 150amp MIG... im too bloody scared to use it
  14. dittto .. i got nothing better to do.... so i can drive your mate around... but the golf is so much better than my Dirty 4wd