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  1. chick i was makin out with

    and she takes it in the arse and says give it to me daddy
  2. chick i was makin out with

    SHES FRUCKING UGLY U (UNT hahaha good score buddy you owe me a drink i believe
  3. what is your dream car?

    Oh, i forgot to mention what it would look like, Wanna race Mr Mclaren F1???? and this biatch will do laps around surfers better than any pink s15
  4. what is your dream car?

    if i had all the money in the world i would build one f'ck off tractor pulling, train towing m'f'er of an engine, with 40" rear slicks made of latex to handle the 5000odd rwhp, with a chassis made of spacecraft grade titanium and smoke all of you all the way to the mental hospital

    i dont mind the colour diff, makes it look tuff, like a well used drift machine.... but then i like matt black 180's that look like theyve been hammered
  6. Check out my car

    yer uk plates yellow rear white front m reg is about a 95 me thinks. on uk plates up until around 2001 the year the car was first registered was signified by first letter on the number plate. that number plate stays with the car for life unless you get a private plate with new car registrations the first letter changed every year until about 99-00, when they started changin the letters ever 6 months went from A in 1983 finished with Y in 2001 before that the last letter on the plate signified the year same number plate stays with your car..... totally off subject but i cant be arsed doing any work today and this just pased 12 minutes of my day pretty good idea i reckon - you can see what year model you are about to race anything uk im your man *hides in corner*
  7. sorry to hear people, best wishes domi
  8. i recommed Mcdonalds, KFC, Burger King, Dominos, Pizza Hut, Red Rooster for breakfast lunch and dinner rotated on a daily basis. Followed by the pub for a few brown ales in the evening. make sure you deep fry your Heinz baked beans when feeling peckish. id definately go for the 'roids over the above, just make sure you get an inflatable donut to sit on cos they hurt when you sit down.
  9. EXACTLY the same thing happened to me about 4 weeks ago, hose cracked, over heated and basically cooked itself, ive got an s13. i bought a new engine off fj20t for $500 (they took it out of an s13 they were putting an rb20 into) they came and delivered it to my mechanic, who did all the work for 700. cheers again guys. all up new engine and install was 1200, running like a dream beware you have to get your air conditioning regasd cos they break the lines to get the engine out. i would strongly advise against just getting a new head. You will have to get it machined and the cost will probably end up costing you around the same as a new engine. You should see what the head did to mine, imagine the heat it would have produced to crack the head, it would have F$!# all the internals as well, if not seriously weaknd them. im in sydney and can help out or put you onto the people that did mine, a friend of mine also had the same issue with his Sil in Brissy so i can put you onto someone up there who quoted me $995 for new engine (with warranty) and $375 for install you can pm me if you like,
  10. hi guys, not having a great day, got done for 122 in an 80 this morning which has taken me to a ban :-( very very stoopid. but then it got worse, my missus was driving the car this evening when the head gasket blew, NRMA said there was a crack in a coolent hose, and the engine just overheated.... now what realy pisses me off is the silly bint actually pulled over cos the temp gauge went off the dial, she let it cool down and then drove off again, without phoning me and saying there was a problem. she wanted to get home so she didnt bother pulling over again she just carried on driving, even tho the temp gauge was reading about 1000 degrees........ apparently its a big job, any suggestions? its an s13 ca18de, altho i might just get rid of it cos im gonna lose my licence for about 10 years i think, so in that case i'll be looking for cheap and cheerful just to get it on the road. new engine i reckon is prolly gonna be the easiest, what do you think?